Apple posts webcast of Tim Cook’s presentation at Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference

Apple has posted a QuickTime audio webcast of Apple’s February 23, 2010 presentation at the Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference.

Listen to the webcast (42:41), featuring Apple COO Tim Cook – highly recommended – here.


  1. For me, the last three minutes of that webcast are the most important.

    Tim Cook talks about acquiring and retaining highly talented people who drive innovation.

    The corporate discipline to say ‘no’ to the many good and great ideas that come their way everyday.

    And the incredible focus on a limited product portfolio that delivers $40bn in revenues that only companies in the oil sector can match.

    With DNA like this, Apple is going to be around for a long time making life ‘interesting’ for all sorts of staid rivals that are stuck in their ways or have otherwise lost the plot…

  2. I remember reading an interview of Steve Jobs where he defined focus as being able to say NO to the right things – and thereby stay focused on what you are really about. He went on to say that some of what he is most proud of are the things he has said no to.
    Interesting way of looking at things.

  3. @Me on this iSland

    I hope you turned those 40min into the ‘funnest’ of your life!

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