On “Uncommon Knowledge,” hosted by Peter Robinson for Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch talks about his enthusiasm for Apple’s iPad in relation to the The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, FOX News, etc., why people will one day pay for the digital content they consume today for free, and why Apple’s iPad “will be totally different” than Amazon’s Kindle.

In the video, Murdoch says, “We will reach a vastly bigger audience once you see things like the iPad out there… They [Apple] were up here yesterday and we were all playing with it and we were all very impressed…. There will be so many applications on [iPad] that a lot of people will go to an application, like ‘Where’s the best restaurant in my suburb’ or where’s this or that… That it’ll eat into Google’s search.”

Rupert Murdoch owns the controlling interest in News Corp., which in turn owns media properties on five continents — properties that include some 170 newspapers, dozens of television stations, half a dozen television networks, a publishing company, and a movie studio.

See the video (8:31) via National Review Online here.

MacDailyNews Note: The video link above is the fifth of a five-part series. The first 4 parts of the interview are as follows:
1. Rupert Murdoch explains why content really is king. (7:20)
2. A bailout for newspapers? Rupert Murdoch calls it “rubbish, and very dangerous rubbish.” (6:41)
3. Rupert Murdoch discusses his proclivity to build and oversee a media empire. (8:50)
4. Rupert Murdoch weighs in on capitalism, China, Google, and more. (8:23)

See parts 1-4 via Stanford University’s Hoover Institution Website here.