Why Apple’s iPad supports VGA video output

“Apple’s new iPad debuts a new VGA-style video output option, a first for the company’s mobile device lineup,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“Like the existing iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad can output video via the same composite or component video cables to present standard definition, analog video with roughly 480 lines of resolution,” Dilger reports. “The iPad’s new VGA-connector option delivers PC style video at the device’s native 1024×768 resolution. Existing iPhone and iPod models won’t work with the new VGA cable, as they aren’t designed to support higher resolution outputs than they can display.”

Dilger reports, “The iPad gets the new VGA output option primarily to support video projectors, which will allow business users to present Keynote presentations directly from the device.”

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  1. This thing sucks.

    An ereader should excel at one thing. Reading. I’ll pass.

    The fact that I already own a Kindle and have spent hundreds on ebooks has not tainted my viewpoint in any way.

  2. @Spark
    PC users will like the 4:3 aspect ratio (typically, Windows apps have sported so many toolbars that already 1/3 of the screen is taken. That’s why wide screens aren’t really taking off in the Windows world.

  3. Obsolete display format and output. Our office “projector” is now an HDTV with HDMI input. Heck, even DVI is old technology now with DisplayPort.

    Sounds like Apple is adopting Dell’s approach in producing low cost junk based on yesterday’s technology in order to deliver cheap stuff to the masses. Is Michael Dell the new Apple CTO?

  4. @ecrabb

    Why would VGA be better the DVI? I find it’s harder to get colors accurate on VGA compared to DVI, and when you’re displaying color items it makes a difference.

  5. Your input on Ipad VGA is as misleading as Apple’s
    This is not like a VGA from a pc to a projector!
    It is not WISIWIG.
    Apples KEYNOTE demo is not even reproducable
    The white board function does not begin to work.
    Teachers beware.
    Apple has missed the boat on this one.

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