Do not be afraid: Apple’s iPad will soon be with us for good

“The more I read about it the more enthusiastic I get about the iPad. I also get equally annoyed about some of the stupid things that are being written. One thought keeps resonating with me though: the iPad isn’t really a computer. At least not in the traditional sense. (I know that technically it is a computer) Instead you should think of it more as a device that happens to do computing tasks,” Thomas Fitzgerald blogs.

“The iPad offers a new way to look at computing, and I think this scares a lot of people. Its ‘closed’ nature is offensive to some because they can only think of it in terms of existing computers, but that’s not really what the iPad is, or what it’s supposed to be. The iPad is a consumer electronics device that happens to do computing tasks. While it’s designed to replace having to use a computer for certain tasks, it’s not trying to completely do away with the desktop or laptop for tasks that they are more suitable for,” Fitzgerald writes. “Once the iPad is released, computers aren’t going to suddenly disappear or stop working, so those arguing that the iPad represents a loss of freedom are simply missing the point. The iPad isn’t for running your c++ compiler or hacking your system, or for running multiple operating systems. That’s what computers are for. For other tasks though the iPad removes a layer of abstraction between the user and the information they are viewing. Just like you don’t need a tool to read a book, with the iPad you no longer need the tools of a traditional computer, the keyboard and mouse, to read electronic information.”

Fitzgerald writes, “[iPad] represents the culmination of a very long journey for Apple. Thirty years on after setting out to do so, Apple will have finally achieved its goal of truly providing a computer for the rest of us by taking the ‘computer’ part out of the equation.”

Full article – highly recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Jobs sent not his iPad into the world to condemn the computer; but that the computer through iPad might be saved.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chas” for the heads up.]


  1. What annoys me is the people who bitch that it needs to be more like a computer, then after two weeks or reading they brainwash themselves into thinking that it is great because of what it doesn’t have or do.


  2. BIBLE

    The Bible is something I haven’t seen discussed on the iPad. Full page Bible Apps that feature search, bookmarks, concordances etc would be the most useful Bible ever created.

    My Mom teaches Bible Studies and she’s going to absolutely love this.

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