Sling: We didn’t change anything in SlingPlayer Mobile for AT&T to allow 3G streaming to iPhone

Apple Online Store “AT&T made headlines Thursday by announcing that it had decided to allow SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone [US$29.99] to stream video from a Slingbox over its 3G network,” Chris Foresman reports for Ars Technica. “AT&T’s CEO claimed in the announcement that Sling Media modified the app to be more efficient on its network, but Sling has responded, saying it didn’t have to change a thing.”

‘We didn’t change anything,’ Sling Media’s John Santoro told Ars. ‘AT&T never discussed any specific requirements with us,'” Foresman reports. “Santoro explained that SlingPlayer Mobile has always contained code to adapt the stream quality to the given network conditions. AT&T has been in discussions with Sling since it was first released last year, but AT&T never asked the company to make specific modifications. No changes were made to the app’s 3G streaming capabilities between its being barred from AT&T and now.”

Foresman reports, “‘Whatever the reason, we’re just glad AT&T has approved it,’ Santoro told Ars. ‘We’re just waiting for Apple’s OK, now.’ The revised app has been submitted, but has not yet been approved for the App Store.”

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  1. Hmm, that SlingPlayer is expensive… Were there no other apps to watch tv over 3g in the US before? Here in Europe you can get channels from the US live over 3g for free, for quite some time…

  2. @Asterix

    No, the content providers here are draconian in their approach to allowing access to their media. Not sure why they’d be any less strict in Europe, unless it’s a regulatory thing.

  3. Nobody changed anything.

    ARS reported it wrong when their reporter wrote that AT&T;said that Sling modified the app to make it more efficient on their network.

    AT&T;never said that. AT&T;never asked Sling to do anything.

    Once AT&T;tested it thoroughly on their network, they approved it.

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