Adobe CTO promises Flash 10.1 Mac performance will be almost a good as Windows Flash

“Adobe’s chief technical officer, Kevin Lynch claims that Flash [version 10.1, still in beta] now runs at ‘almost exactly’ the same level of CPU usage on Mac and Windows systems, where previously the Mac suffered significantly,” MacNN reports.

“The v10.1 update is set to use CoreAnimation, which Lynch suggests could make Macs faster than Windows in some cases,” MacNN reports.

“Lynch concedes that video is still a major weakness, as a 480p video, running on a 1.8GHz Mac mini, uses 34 percent of the CPU in Mac OS X and just 16 percent in Windows,” MacNN reports. “Flash 10.1 is expected to cut CPU consumption in half.”

Full article here.

Lynch’s blog comment is here.

MacDailyNews Take: Adobe, since you still don’t get it, we’ll spell it out clearly: Mac users are quite accustomed to enjoying significantly better, not almost as good, experiences as anything the horrid Windows “experience” can offer. Therefore, you fail yet again and your shitastic Flash must die.

Adobe owes its very existence to Apple’s Macintosh. Sadly, lazy Adobe has long ago forgotten that fact.

Note to advertisers: Your Flash-based ads are no longer reaching the most well-heeled customers online: iPhone owners. They’re also not hitting iPod touch users. And, very soon, iPad users won’t be seeing them, either. If you care about reaching people with discretionary income, you might want to consider dumping your flash-based ads and moving to a more open format that people with money and the will to spend it can actually see.

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  1. This is a disgrace. Adobe must pay dearly for such ethics. I’ve officially banned using any Adobe products. Apple should produce their own competing software and make Adobe crawl for forgiveness. C’mon.

    D – Web Developer, NYC

  2. Hey, Adobe, remember PostScript (It’s free, just adopt it)? To quote Sextus Empiricus: “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind small.” Payback’s a bitch.

  3. If Apple were to buy Adobe, they could do the following:
    – decrease the performance of flash for Windows and make it buggy (sweet revenge)
    – temporarily provide a super performing Mac version, so that people flock to the Mac

    Then: drop Flash altogether.
    The technique is called: embrace and extend

    They could sell DreamWeaver, Indesign, etc. to Symantec, or to Microsoft both of which have been known to professionally screw up software products, making them unstable, security threats, and that break with every system update.

    BTW, I use clickFlash, which blocks unnecessary adds.
    Unfortunately, too many companies are relying solely on Flash for their websites, so when I must, I click to see Flash.

  4. “Lynch concedes that video is still a major weakness, as a 480p video, running on a 1.8GHz Mac mini, uses 34 percent of the CPU in Mac OS X and just 16 percent in Windows,” MacNN reports. “Flash 10.1 is expected to cut CPU consumption in half.”

    This is maddening. I can’t count the times I have tried to watch a video on CNN or other news sites, or CNET, or Winding Road mag, etc… only to get the spinning beachball or an endlessly loading black square. How incompetent are these people?

    “Just got home from work and one of the first things was to try to watch a Flash video on CNN. Yep, the stinkin’ piece o’ crap crashed Safari. Again.”

    It’s not much better in Firefox. It used to hang FF 3.5 regularly and I had to Force Quit it. Not so much in FF 3.6, but I still get the beachball a lot.

  5. I downloaded and installed the Flash 10.1 beta 2 on my 3.06 GHz iMac and played one of the Avatar HD trailers and it only used up half as many processor cycles as it did before. I can definitely live with that. I’m still going to continue to use ClickToFlash, but I’m glad that Adobe is finally getting something done. Maybe I can thank Steve for calling Adobe lazy.

    I don’t know if Flash is going to go away or if it is a piece of crap. I just know that sometimes I need it and I’m glad my desktop machines support it when nothing else seems to work.

  6. “but I’m glad that Adobe is finally getting something done”

    So if they get something done that gives up “almost” equal performance with Windows, all is forgiven? Then we twiddle our thumbs for several more years with subpar performance again while Adobe treats us like castaways begging for a piece of food from the master to make us passive again?

    Screw that. Flash can’t go bye bye fast enough.

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