Steve Jobs in secret New York meeting with top New York Times execs

“When Apple recently booked the cellar dining room at Pranna for a talk with 50 top executives from The New York Times, even restaurant higher-ups didn’t know who their VIP guest would be,” Daniel Maurer reports for New York Magazine.
“But last night [Wednesday, Feb. 3],” Mauer reports, “Jobs came strolling in wearing what our source calls ‘a very funny hat — a big top hat kind of thing.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Willie Wonka hat!

Steve Jobs Willie Wonka ©2010 MacDailyNews

BTW, one of the issues that The New York Times might be having is that they have 50 FARGIN’ “TOP” EXECUTIVES! Sheesh.

Maurer continues, “Our source says Jobs, who sat at the head of the ‘intimate, family-style gathering’ with Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, demonstrated the iPad and its functions, and spoke about how it could serve the future of media.”

“As we’ve reported before, Times executives are wary of forging an exclusive contract with the Apple tablet, though they are moving forward with finding ways to charge for online usage,” Maurer reports.

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  1. 50 top tier executives at a news paper?!? no wonder they are going broke! In the old days when I ran a weekly free rag in NYC we only had one executive and that was me, Publishing Editor and Chief. Back then it was unheard of for a news paper or print publication to have more then two executives and the New York Times only had two, one for content and one for advertising and circulation. (not counting the Board of Directors or owners of the publication because they are not involved in the day to day operations of the news papers.

  2. Wonka Rocks (the original at least). Went to Munich this summer and visited the scene of his factory. Totally awesome experience. So Steve in a Gene Wilder get-up is f*cking insanely cool ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. NYT with a circulation of merely one million needs 50 top executives? In Holland the daily Telegraaf’s circulation is about the same and profitable with 3 (three) executives, including the top ones.

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