The story everyone missed last week: Doesn’t Steve Jobs look healthier? (with photos)

By Frank Cioffi, founder and editor of Apple Investor News

Given the massive 2008-2009 press coverage of the Steve Jobs illness story, it’s interesting that very few journalists or bloggers noticed that Apple’s CEO appeared much healthier at last week’s iPad announcement.

It was clear, at least to me, that he’s gained some weight. Not a lot, but noticeable.

Take a look at Steve from a still frame shot of last Wednesday’s iPad event compared to a similarly-framed still shot from the September, 2009 iPod event (both frames were pulled from Apple’s own Quicktime videos). It certainly appears he’s put on some pounds.

He had previously mentioned he needed to gain some weight and it seems that he’s succeeding. He also appears to have a more robust skin tone, though that’s hard to trust given variations in stage lighting between the two events.

This is really a testament to Steve’s ability to engage an audience. We were all so fixated on the iPad that we didn’t look very closely at him.

Did anyone attending the iPad event notice Steve’s weight gain?

This article was written by Frank Cioffi, editor of Apple Investor News part of the Tech Investor News network. Full disclosure: Frank Cioffi is long AAPL stock.


  1. I think he looks slightly better, but then I didn’t think he looked bad last time. I really hate all this attention to his health that distracts from what is really going on. Obviously we all care that he is healthy and recovering, but sheesh…

  2. It was actually the first thing I noticed when he walked out on stage. Last time he was in public, he looked positively skeletal. Now, he looks thin, but not frighteningly so. His doctors will probably tell him he needs to add another 15-20 pounds.

  3. MATTR,

    In addition to writing that Jobs looked much better, you also wrote, “So you ever have dreams of your new pancreas’s original landlord? I heard that can happen. If so, are they about eating sugar?”

    Steve Jobs got a new liver, not a new pancreas.

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