More to iPad than Steve Jobs has said so far: Apple to target iPad at business with added features

“Apple’s new iPad isn’t just a new product for consumers; the company is targeting the new device at business users with features designed to make it attractive to the enterprise market,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

With their iPhone, over time, “Apple hardened the iPhone’s security profile, added Exchange support, and created mass configuration and deployment tools for the device,” McLean reports. “For the iPad, those same corporate-friendly iPhone features will all continue to work, thanks to the iPad being build on the same software foundation. However, the iPad adds a variety of new things that business users should find very attractive.”

“For starters, Apple has ported over iWork, its Office-compatible productivity suite, while giving it a multitouch makeover,” McLean reports. “Aligned with the idea of using the iPad as a Keynote presentation tool, the iPad now supports VGA output for driving a projector directly. Users can markup slides and point with a virtual laser printer as the presentation continues.”

McLean reports, “Sources who talked to Apple’s business unit also say the company is working on some additional features that haven’t been publicly announced yet. These include support for direct network printing from iPad apps, as well as support for accessing shared files from a local file server.”

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  1. It’ll take version two for the true enterprise features to come out after people get them in their hands and figure out what they need.

    I’m truly surprised at the lack of an iSight, at least in the high-end model. Video calls for a truly mobile professional would seem to be important.

  2. Doubtful that any tablet will fully replace laptops in the university or business office settings. For outdoor/moving/in-the-field/warehouse/retail/etc jobs, certainly the tablet holds promise.

    In an office, the size/weight of a fully-fledged laptop is not a handicap. DVI outputs are the norm. USB memory sticks and drives are constantly being traded and moved. The iPad simply doesn’t compete in this arena.

  3. This is just the begining of a much bigger picture yet to come. By WWDC 2010 we’ll know much, much more. Plus, I forsee the real killer iPad will be a “Pro” version as good as or better than the MacBook Air’s hardware, eventually. This will take off for sure by the holidays this year and hit warp speed by 2011.

  4. They demoed the iPad sitting down.

    If it is to be used while walking around, I think the iPad needs more texture or lumps or bumps or ridges for the fingers to grip to. Not a handle, but something to make it easier to grip and walk at the same time.

  5. The iPad is a true game changer. It’s still a few months away from shipping so we can expect some awesome goodies added to iPad. You can see the desperate Kindle and Windows Netbook POS spamming the Internet with as much FUD as they can muster. It’s all 100 percent FEAR from these guys. They know the iPad is going to dominate the POS Netbook space and send the Kindle POS to the cheap one trick pony crap space.

  6. deepdish…

    I expect numerous companies who make covers to fill this void quickly. There will be hundreds of cover choices by March I predict.

    Handles molded into the cover. Things can can tie the iPad to your wrist or around your neck so even if you drop it, it doesn’t hit the ground. Lots of funky stuff of all sorts is coming.

  7. Tommy Boy – I’m truly surprised at the lack of an iSight, at least in the high-end model. Video calls for a truly mobile professional would seem to be important.

    Actually the built in cameras kept Apple products out of the last place I worked due to security reasons. Most cellphones are checked at the door or left in the car. The woman who sat next to me was escorted out and terminated for having a camera phone in her bag.

    Yes, It was a paranoid financial firm, but I’ve heard the same rules at Insurance companies, banks, and government offices.

    Not all are that paranoid, but between whistle blowers and corporate espionage, cameras are a no win for many corporations.

    The iPad may be missing a camera in order to get past security.

    Although, there is evidence that code for a camera is in the SDK, so it may be in the next version after Apple gets corps hooked on the thing.

  8. @Mike

    Lastly, there are over 140,000 apps (some specialized for vertical markets) that will be usable on the iPad and may even be updated to take full advantage of the added screen real estate and advanced multitouch capabilities to cover most of the “advantages” you feel a laptop has over the iPad. Plus with local database storage, resume from last state and notification, I’m sure the iPad will evolve to fulfill most of the wishes of the average user.

  9. Just a thought, but could this be the wakeup call for Amazon?

    They sell music, books, videos, why in the world didn’t they do this first?

    Obviously the Kindle would need a massive overhaul, better screen res, better video card, improved OS, etc., but they do own the work they’ve done.

    They’re in a good position to “clone” the iPad without having to access iTunes like the Pre tried.

  10. I am a professional photographer and can tell you that the majority of all photographers websites are nearly 100% flash and this includes their galleries and shopping carts. I cannot see thousands of people paying to replace their website templates and hosting services because steve jobs thinks flash should go away. I know for me personally, lack of support is a showstopper.


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