Apple CEO Steve Jobs discusses Apple iPad with Walt Mossberg (with video)

Walt Mossberg and I “talked about whether Apple could innovate enough with hardware and software to make a tablet computer finally become popular outside of Silicon Valley, as well as a range of other issues from multimedia to mobility to price,” Kara Swisher reports for AllThingsD.

“I did a pre- and post-event video interview with Walt about the new device below and also caught a bit on my Flip camera of Mossberg kibitzing with Apple CEO Steve Jobs about the iBooks application, battery life and whether he could write his eventual review of the iPad on, well, the iPad,” Swisher reports.

Jobs shows up around the 2:10 mark:

Direct link to video via AllThingsD here.

Full article here.


  1. @MacMan
    Adding a camera would do three things:
    1-It would make the device more expensive when you want to make it as affordable as possible.
    2-It would kill the incentive of offering the camera at a later date as an upgrade.
    3-It would probably overburden AT&T;’s network before they have time to beef it up so that they are able to support 3G video conferencing properly in all markets. Or Apple is waiting for 4G network capabilities before adding the camera.

  2. No video chat yet because the wireless market isn’t ready for it.

    But in a few years, speed and bandwidth will be better and Apple will be right there will their solution. And way ahead of the competition.

    On another topic – the chick was annoying cos she couldn’t shut up.

    Jobs was annoyed because that is how he is face to face. On stage he talks and everyone else listens. That’s probably how he likes it.

  3. Boy, it doesn’t look like Walt and Steve are buddies. Steve was very guarded and careful in his conversation, and didn’t give Walt anything really good. Typically Walt has been very generous with his reviews of Apple products, so I was kind of surprised to see what looked like a really strained conversation. Even more so since later in the video they are talking about how Jobs came to them and not the other way around.

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