Tablet not the only thing Apple will unveil at special event this Wednesday

Hammacher Homepage 300x250“Tech observers have been anticipating an Apple tablet for several years, churning out report after report of rumors and speculation,” Brian X. Chen writes for Wired. “And Apple has been considering tablet designs since at least 1983. Now, perfectionist CEO Steve Jobs finally seems satisfied enough with the product to show it off in public.”

“But that’s not the only thing the company is likely to announce. Updates to the MacBook line and the iPhone OS are also likely to be on the ticket,” Chen writes. “Here’s our guide to what you can realistically expect.”

• Apple Tablet: A 10- to 11-inch tablet, somewhat resembling the iPhone hardware, running a substantially expanded version of the iPhone OS, probably called iSlate, with a new, non-QWERTY interface, possibly available in two versions, LCD and OLED, with Wi-Fi and 3G data connections.

• iPhone OS 4.0: A preview would probably be it, just so Apple can begin seeding betas to developers to prepare their iPhone apps for 4.0.

• iLife 2010: Apple has announced almost all of its iLife suites during January of years past.

MacBook Pro Upgrades: MacBook Pros are due for a refresh… [Plus, recently] an Intel contest promoted by e-mail appeared to leak upcoming MacBook Pros equipped with the newest Intel chips.

• iTunes Upgrade: Expect Apple to preview a new version of iTunes, perhaps 9.1, that would add new content sections to the iTunes Store.

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  1. The question is: does Apple want to dilute the tablet news with other announcements. I suspect other announcements could be made if they directly relate to the tablet.

  2. All this sounds good to me.

    There’s no way incremental updates to other products could possibly steal the thunder from the “one more thing”.

    PLEASE make iPhone/iPod touch App management more efficient! It’s better than it was, but needs help.

    What about iWork 2010? An iPhone/iPod touch version, too. Bitte…
    I’m ready for it!

  3. Seriously? Two models with the only difference being OLED vs. LCD? I doubt it. If that’s the case, I would expect two different models, where one happens to be OLED, not with that being the differentiator.

    Maybe an 8″ and an 11″, the 11 having more memory, etc.

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