Apple preps second software fix for flickering 27-inch iMacs

New Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac. $15 discount!“Soon after Apple delayed shipments of its big screen 27-inch iMac, various users have begun to report from AppleCare technicians that a second fix for screen flickering affecting the hardware is due within 3 weeks,” AppleInsider reports.

“In a thread on the Apple Discussions forums that spans nearly 250 pages, users have begun to report conversations with AppleCare representatives who claim a new update is forthcoming,” AppleInsider reports. “A month ago, Apple released a software fix for the flickering issue on the 27-inch iMac, but since then users have said it did not address the problem.”

AppleInsider reports, “One user, Dennis Murphy, said he was told that AppleCare technicians were issued a bulletin on Saturday that stated a fix would be released in about three weeks. The Apple employee was allegedly instructed to collect customer contact information so they can be reached when the fix is released.”

“When contacted by AppleInsider [on] Monday, an Apple representative said the three-week delay was not related to any hardware issues,” AppleInsider reports. “Instead, they said the company has had trouble meeting up with demand for the new system, as some components are in limited availability.”

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  1. Are the 27″ iMacs being sold today having the same problem still or have they made sure the computers being sold now are working and the earlier ones are trying to be repaired?

    I’d hat to go buy one if I’m gonna possibly be in the same boat as others…

  2. My iMac i7 27″ is working very well. Notice when turning it on, screen isn’t bright white but pale yellow now. Doesn’t seem to be affecting anything and figure a fix for this flaw will be available soon. Having a blast with new iMac!

  3. I had the yellow screen on the iMac I returned for refund. Yellow screen does not equal “Ultimate Display” as advertised. Yes the computer was great, but the screen issues are a problem.

  4. On Fri, Jan 29 it’ll be one month since I ordered my 27 in iMac build-to-order. It’s been delayed shipping 3 times. It’s scheduled to ship Wednesday. They’re so behind I venture to guess that anyone ordering a BTO now would probably have the fix as part of it (if it indeed fixes it).

  5. I ordered my i7 the second day, and got it in mid November. It’s not just perfect, it’s phenomenal.
    I’d be willing to bet they’ve sold over a million of the new iMacs. . . . We’ll see the “numbers” (MDN word) soon.

  6. Received my 27-inch iMac with quad-core i7 on November 18, 2009. It’s been in use 7 days/week since. A wonderful computer with absolutely no problems — no screen flicker, no yellow screen or any other glitch.

    Fast and with a gorgeous display. Best computer I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned quite a few.

  7. I too have ordered the 27″ i7 and have the shipping date of 27th here in the UK. Am I the only one putting the shipping date and the 27th event together? At the least I am know expecting it to be delivered with iLife 2010, would love blu-ray as well but not expecting it.

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