RUMOR: AT&T prepping network to handle ‘unannounced’ devices requiring ‘heavy data’

Apple Online Store“AT&T has apparently been meeting individually with regional executives to inform them of some changes to the AT&T network,” The Boy Genius Report reports, citing an unnamed source.

BGR reports, “They seem to be focused on prepping the network to compensate for unannounced devices and also future devices that will use ‘heavy data.'”

Full article, with a tethering tease, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Because the clueless SOBs did such a great job prepping their network for the iPhone, we’re sure this’ll be a huge success.

[Attribution: Electronista. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. 3 words: f*ck AT&T;. Waitt… That was only two, let’s try that one more time: Fu*k AT&T;AGAIN!!

    They didn’t do anything right to prep for massive iPhone traffic. A few years later, with their network falling apart, they are “preparing” for a new device?!!

    I hope the apple tablet does NOT end up on AT&T;… If it does, then what’s left of their rusty network will catch fire… And then we’ll truly see how much “coverage” AT&T;has.

    I hope they also loose their dirty clutches on the iPhone. I have resigned myself to and iPod touch until the iPhone load is distributed amongst enough networks to ensure good coverage.

  2. I find MDN’s takes on this to be really inconsistent. At times, you apologize for the carrier with the premise that the horde of traffic that appeared practically overnight would have been enough to choke any network – a sentiment with which I agree fwiw – and then at other times you take the less informed ‘AT&T;screwed the pooch’ approach. Personally I don’t care that much which side you fall on, but at least be consistent.

  3. Wow. Doesn’t anyone see what is going on here? iPhones will be able to be tethered to the upcoming Apple Tablet. Knowing Apple, they’ve undoubtedly designed the Tablet with a place to secure your iPhone. In addition, while your iPhone is tethered, you’ll also be able to receive and make calls and texts right from your Tablet’s screen. Whoever thinks the Apple Tablet is going to come with a contract is insane.

    Oh, and with the recent acquisition of the mobile-advertising company and the building of the server farm in North Carolina, Apple will be poised to offer MobileMe for free. Can you imagine how many people will be upset if they buy the Tablet then have to pay another $99 for MobileMe? That would be ridiculous.

  4. @ Willie G

    The same thought occurred to me.

    MDN usually defends any criticisms of ATT’s network by contending that ANY carrier faced with the traffic caused by the iPhone would be having problems. Then in the next breath they are calling them “clueless SOBs” for not doing a better job prepping their network.

    This MDN take just leaves me scratching my head…

  5. I’d say that MDN’s take is spot on. AT&T;deserves nothing but scorn for the quality of their service and the emptiness of their promises, especially to iPhone customers.

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