PC World soothsayer: Apple tablet won’t work for business

Apple Online Store“Attention Apple fan-boys and -girls: Read no further. But if you run a small business and want to avoid wasting money and brain cells on superfluous technology, forget about the iSlate or whatever Apple is going to call its tablet computing device. It’s going to be too expensive, it does things you don’t need to do, and it will add a messy layer of complication to your company’s computing infrastructure,” Bill Snyder writes for PC World.

“Sure, the tablet we expect Apple to launch on January 27 will probably have more than its share of cool factor,” Snyder writes. “But do you want to spend $1,000 or so for bragging rights?”

“Let’s think about the form factor,” Snyder writes. “It’s designed like a clipboard. I don’t know about you, but I find it much easier to enter data sitting down with a keyboard rather than standing and writing.”

Snyder writes, “The iSlate is rumored to run the new iPhone 4.0, and while I can’t wait to upgrade my iPhone 3GS, it is a really bad choice for a business computer… Why would you want to carry around a device that’s nearly as big (and twice as expensive) as a netbook, but doesn’t run your business applications, isn’t very secure, and is awkward to use?”

“A real laptop or netbook does real work that helps a business succeed. So does a Blackberry, a Pre or an iPhone,” Snyder writes. “But cool as it may be, the iSlate fails that crucial test. Ignore the frenzy, save your money.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thanks, Bill, you’ve saved us all so much time! No more waiting for the unveiling. No need to review spec sheets, features, and pricing. This is the sort of valuable, excellent content for which PC World is renowned. Bravo to all involved!


  1. I’m getting tired of every device being evaluated in terms of business impact. The personal computer has gone far beyond the business world. Maybe it’ll be nice to have a device that helps real people right out of the box.

  2. Hey guys,

    Take a peak at the COMMENTS on the article page. They mirror the above.

    Actaully, i have noticed more and more that the average commentor these days supports Apple and take a “wait until there actually is something to review before you review it” stance.

    The world actually seems to be changing.

    Just a thought,

  3. OTOH, there are already tons of apps on the iPhone that help people with their small businesses. I go to a lot of small craft festvals, and could easily imagine someone using a tablet computer to ring up orders, process credit card payments, and either email the receipt or print one (if you have a printer at hand). Same thing done at the Apple Store with their devices; would just take a matter of time for a developer to say, “There’s an app for that…”

  4. Come ON, guys. He set his parameters very precisely: “The iSlate is rumored to run the new iPhone 4.0, and while I can’t wait to upgrade my iPhone 3GS, it is a really bad choice for a business computer…” and built his comment from there. If Apple builds a “tablet” that uses the iPhone 4.0 OS – as that OS is expected to be – then the result will not make a useful business tool. And he is unquestionably right about that, and any of you who doubt that are, at best, dreamers. Of course, there are two “IF”s there: IF it runs the reported iPhone OS and IF that OS is a) single-tasking, b) insecure, and c) unable to run Business Apps. Either of these IFs turns out to be incorrect and it’s a whole new ball game. Any questions?

  5. Snyder,

    Who said this potential device was made for business anyway? How do you know when you have not even tried the device yet? I hope you don’t eat your words and buy the device yourself. I’m happy I have not wasted time and money, and brain cells, buying PC Word magazine. If you think the device will be too expensive, then don’t buy it. If you feel it will do things that you don’t need it to do, then get a device that has less features. PC’s are not a messy layer of complication for businesses? Who buys a device just for bragging rights alone? Next time you’re tired of standing and writing, have a seat (just a suggestion). I’m surprised you even own an iPhone 3GS. Why would you want to carry around an iPhone that’s as big as a cellphone, but doesn’t run your business applications, and is awkward to use while riding a roller-coaster, and yet you say it’s as good as a BlackBerry for business?

    Snyder, why do you have an iPhone 3GS? Don’t you find it too big? Are the corners not round enough or did you want sharper corners? Is the screen too big or small? Is the Home Button too large? Is the white power connector cord the wrong color or too long? Is the screen surface too smooth or not smooth enough? Is the device too thick or not thin enough? Too affordable? Are the letters on the screen too large? Are the color schemes and design not to your liking? Are there too many icons available? Are the icons too large? Is the device too easy to use? Are you having to much fun using the device? Did the iPhone get released on the wrong day of the week?

    You and Dvorak should go bowling together, or perhaps you already do.

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