Obama asks Steve Ballmer, others for advice on how to bring innovation, productivity to government

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft Corp., talks with Bloomberg’s Matt Miller and Carol Massar about his recent trip to the White House to help advise Obama on ways to “drive productivity, innovation, [and] customer service in government.”

MacDailyNews Take: What’d Balmy advise, “Throw chairs, copy Apple, and tell ’em to ‘wipe and reinstall?'” If you really want to know how to drive productivity, innovation, and customer service, why not save time, jet fuel, and loads of taxpayers’ money and do a simple iChat with Steve Jobs? Oh, sorry, we just applied efficiency, common sense, and simple logic to an issue involving the government. Silly us.

Ballmer also talked about his company’s strategy after Google Inc. threatened to pull out of China last week. Microsoft wants to be part of the solution in the country, Ballmer said. He said U.S. companies should be involved with China because its important for domestic job growth.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hmm, how to drive productivity, innovation, and customer service in government? That’s a toughie. Hey, let’s ask Steve Ballmer!

For the sake of the country, hopefully Obama only asked for Ballmer’s advice in order to quickly clarify exactly what not to do.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Why the muppet from Microsoft surely they should ask Steve if they really do want to be enlightened ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Nice thought and intentions, (Wanted to become more tech savvy and advanced) EPIC FAIL on his search method and resources. Even Throwup, Enderhurl and DorkVac could have come closer to giving good advice.

    Uncle Fester? meh……

    MDN word, NOT, as in not too bright, not a good move, not in the country’s best interest and etc

  3. The selection of Ballmer is basically in line with the amateurish and pathetic cabinet choices we’ve seen. I mean this is the guy who put a glorified secretary in charge of the CIA.

  4. Only … ONLY … dumbass Hussein would be so fscking stupid to ask Balmer about productivity and innovation.

    This president is the dumbest thing to ever enter the beltway. God, he has got to go.

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