Haiti earthquake survivor calls Apple iPhone a lifesaver

Apple Online Store “Usually, when someone says their iPhone is a life saver, they are talking about the phone helping them find a good takeout spot or an emergency bathroom,” Todd Wright reports for NBC Miami.

“When Dan Woolley says it, he really means it. He used a medical app saved on his phone to treat a leg injury after the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince collapsed around him,” Wright reports. “Woolley, who is from Colorado Springs, is one of the Americans who survived the massive earthquake that hit Haiti last week, and he did it with an iPhone application. Woolley is now recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, but it was his fast actions with the app that may have saved his life.”

“Woolley used the light from his iPhone to show him his injuries and diagnosed it properly as a broken foot. Then, he used the instructions from the app to treat the excessive bleeding from cuts on his legs and the back of his head,” Wright reports. “He said he also looked up ways to stop from going into shock. ‘I kind of had some time to do some self-diagnosis down there,’ Woolley said. ‘God was with me.'”

“Woolley also used his camera to take pictures of the surrounding rubble to piece together a way out. He eventually took refuge in an elevator shaft until rescue crews found him 65 hours after the earthquake,” Wright reports. “On Tuesday, Woolley told The Today Show he knew he was going to die and decided to write a journal on his notepad to his wife and young kids in the event someone found his corpse under the rubble. ‘I was in a big accident. Don’t be upset at God. He always provides for his children even in hard times,’ Woolley wrote in the dim light. ‘I’m still praying that God will get me out but he may not but He will always take care of ya.'”

Full article, with video, here.

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  1. When Ballmer gets run over by the tractor tailer full of Apple Products he’ll still be saying rounding error.

    Will the Microsoft board of directors can Ballmer prior to Apple surpassing Microsoft’s market cap?

  2. “umm…if you have enough mental faculties to look up how to avoid shock on your iphone, you’re probably not in shock”

    That is correct. He looked up how to AVOID shock (such as fainting from blood loss), not how to get out of shock.

  3. But if you’re losing blood and suffering from other unknown / unspecified injuries, you can certainly go into shock. Shock, as a medical condition, isn’t necessarily an instantaneous response to an event.

  4. @iHokie
    . Just because he was not yet in shock does not mean that he would have stayed as such. Actually, It has been proven that having something to read is one of the best ways to stay calm and survive an extreme situation.

  5. ‘God was with me,’ the Woolley thinker said.

    Proof God wasn’t with the thousands crushed to death or with the thousands slowly dying of injury, hunger and thirst. They didn’t love Him enough.

  6. you wrote: ‘God was with me,’ the Woolley thinker said.

    Yes, that is what the man said. He also wrote, in a note to his kids written when he did not believe he would survive, that “…He always provides for his children even in hard times, I’m still praying that God will get me out but he may not…”

    The statement, which you are taking incredibly out of context, indicates that the man felt the presence of God. Whether God is a fairy tale or not, he’s not making any claims about anyone else or what happened to them. He’s describing his experience, as he lay injured and buried beneath tons of rubble.

    While I loathe those who claim that Haiti’s earthquake has anything to do with religion, I equally loathe those who refuse to respect others because of their religion – because they are opposite sides of the same coin. Consider that – you and Pat Robertson, brothers beneath the skin.

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