Could Verizon Wireless handle Apple’s tablet traffic?

Apple Online Store“Rumors are swirling that Apple’s yet-to-be-announced tablet will come with a connection to cellular networks like those run by Verizon and AT&T. Apple, in its infinite secrecy, hasn’t said a word about the tablet, let alone what deals they might be striking with wireless carriers,” Niraj Sheth reports for The Wall Street Journal. “But there’s another big question: Will any network be ready?”

“The tablet’s little brother, the iPhone, has already shown how an explosion in data usage can overload a network, in this case AT&T’s,” Sheth reports. “And the iPhone is hardly the kind of data guzzler the tablet is widely expected to be… ‘Clearly this is an issue that needs to be fixed,’ says Broadpoint Amtech analyst Brian Marshall. ‘It can grind the networks to a halt.'”

“Verizon, which touts its network as more dependable than AT&T’s, could prove better at handling data traffic. But ‘frankly, it hasn’t seen a device like the iPhone saturating its network,’ says Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu,” Sheth reports. “Apple is expected to unveil the yet-to-be-named tablet next Wednesday.”

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  1. If there is a tablet, it would be smart of Apple to make it WiFi 802.11n with the capability to allow Verizon, Sprint, AT&T;or whoever to sell a plug in (USB or other) tether for cellular 3G or 4G access.

    Ideally, the iPhone would be able to function as the tether for a tablet so that an iPhone owner wouldn’t have to have separate data plans.

  2. The tablet would be more often connecting to large data streams indoors, simply as a function of its size. It will most likely handle most of its large downloads indoors and likely near a wifi signal. While that won’t happen all the time, I think it will end up not saturating the networks quite as much as the always on, “let’s look up the site of that restaurant” iPhone.

    My take.

  3. again, shut the hell up with the speculation. Wait and see, then you’ll all find that all these analysts have wasted their lives trying to crack the apple code as to what is coming. Get a life and a real job.

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