Canaccord analyst: Verizon to get Apple iPhone 4G in June

Apple Online Store“At next week’s event, which is expected to focus on the launch of the long-awaited tablet, the ‘one more thing’ could be a doozy, if Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek is right in a prediction he made this morning,” Eric Savitz reports for Barron’s.

“In a research note, Misek thinks there will actually be ‘two more things,’ in addition to the tablet announcement,” Savitz reports. “One, he expects the unveiling of iPhone OS 4.0. And two, he thinks the company will announce plans to sell the iPhone 4G via Verizon starting in June.”

Savitz reports, “Misek thinks Apple’s supply chain is already prepping for mass production of a new iPhone to ship late in the calendar second quarter, operating on the Verizon network on the CDMA network, but with support as well for the European GSM and HSPA standards. He says and updated 4G phone – he calls it the 4G S – with LTE support will follow in June 2011.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. @me

    Got wife iPhone and I have Verizon Blackberry from work. Verizon drops as many calls as AT&T;, maybe more. Sorry, but that’s the nature of cell networks, there are holes,and ALL of the carriers have them. You can’t project from state to state or city to city. Each location has strengths and weaknesses.

  2. I remain unconvinced, but there are so many rumors, maybe there’s an element of truth.

    My reasons for thinking this is a bit of BS are:

    1. Would Apple really move from one carrier to another? I don’t know how many iPhone subscribers would switch? It won’t be 100%, and I would contend it would be less than 25%, because of contracts, laziness, bad credit (they’ve already made a deposit on ATT) or, and I know this will shock some people, that ATT provides better service than Verizon. It’s also a well-known theory in marketing that if you make people switch, they consider all alternatives. I won’t switch to Verizon under any circumstance, including forsaking a new iPhone.
    2. Let’s say the new iPhone 4G is Verizon exclusive. Apple will lose a lot of customers in the switch, though they’ll make up for it with new Verizon customers. That’s a huge gamble with depressed earnings for maybe 6 months. That’s not Apple’s strategy, but who knows, Steve Jobs is a visionary. Now if this happens, I’m just going to buy an unlocked iPhone 4G from a European GSM provider. Expensive, but doable.
    3. Let’s say the new iPhone 4G is offered to several carriers, including ATT. This is probably the best way to increase customers, without losing many (all of those who whine about ATT service will switch, the majority of us will be happy). And the way Apple controls the distribution channel, they won’t compete with each other. This concerns me because it could be a mess at Apple Stores if they have phones for different carriers who have separate startup procedures.
    4. Maybe Apple is considering a VNO?

    So, I’m guessing that based on the rumors there is a chance that there will be a CDMA iPhone. I’m not convinced. But it wouldn’t make sense to build two types of phones, one for Verizon and one for the rest of the GSM world and not offer it to ATT too, to keep that customer base.

    I’m sure whatever happens will be a surprise.

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