Analyst: Apple putting Microsoft’s Bing on iPhone could bring more risk than reward

Apple Online Store“A new analysis suggests an Apple-Microsoft deal to bring Bing search to the iPhone could carry great risks for Apple, which has formed an identity by disparaging the Windows platform in its ‘Get a Mac’ ads,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“A team of analysts from Oppenheimer offered their insight in a research note to investors Wednesday,” Hughes reports. “Breaking down the implications of a Bing search agreement between Apple and Microsoft, the analysis was provided in response to an earlier report alleging that the two rivals are currently in talks to replace Google as the primary search provider for the iPhone, as well as the Safari browser.”

“Analyst Yair Reiner said the battle lines have been drawn between Apple and Google, though ‘overt warfare’ between the two companies has yet to erupt,” Hughes reports. “He said that the companies are at odds because Apple seeks to be the ‘special box in a world of generic services,’ while Google aims to become the ‘special service in a world of generic boxes.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Google’s mistake is in not working as closely as possible with Apple to become the “special service on Apple’s special box(es).”

Hughes reports, “Now, it’s possible, Apple’s enemy in Microsoft could become its friend with a Bing partnership. ‘Cozying up (to Microsoft) could bring more risk than reward, not least because it would clash with the Mac vs. PC campaign and the Apple brand identity that has coalesced around it,’ Reiner wrote.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Currently, iPhone and iPod touch users have a choice of built-in search engines within Mobile Safari: Google or Yahoo (Settings>Safari>Search Engine) with Google being “on” by default on new Apple devices.

In addition, there are many Web Search apps available for iPhone and iPod touch. See them all via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

Mac Safari users can easily install a plug-in such as the free Glims, to add multiple search engine choices to Safari.


  1. We need a new search engine. Lately, Google sucks for me, bringing up tons of unrelated hits for search terms. It’s frustrating. Bing isn’t any better.

    I’d love it if Apple would come up with a new, revolutionary search system that would kick Google where it hurts.

  2. Apple has made all possible hay out of bashing Microsoft. There’s not much left to make. I think that even talk of Apple working with Microsoft will blunt Apple’s elitist image with enough stubborn Windows users to pay off for Apple.

  3. “Some have speculated that Apple could look to remove Google’s presence entirely from its devices.”

    That would be welcomed news indeed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Google is a far bigger threat to Apple than Microsoft. Besides given that Google never deletes anything, I’m leery about using any of their services. I’m in disbelief that people choose to use Google Voice, GMail, Picassa, Chrome, etc.

    Zune Tune, I’m with you buddy. BING on the competition!


  4. Apple has proven, with the iPhone and the iPod, that software *and* hardware must work together in harmony to make the best possible experience.

    And Google knows this at some level. It’s the whole reason the Nexus One exists.

  5. I like the idea myself. As long as users have a choice in changing default browsers, I have no problem with the default switching to Bing. I like the app. I, for one, can differentiate between good and bad products from a company – ie. Windows = bad, Bing = good.

    I’ve always liked Google but it’s time they get a bit of a reality check.

  6. Bing has some interesting display options on a computer, but it doesn’t out-Google Google where search relevance is concerned. The comment about Apple needing a search engine if Google pulls out of China makes sense to me.

  7. Of course Apple is going to dump Google now that they compete directly in the idiot-phone market. What’s telling though is the decision to go with MS instead of Yahoo. Of course, they’ll be the same soon anyway so it doesn’t matter much. The numbers show Yahoo search is quickly dying and Bing is much hotter right now, so it makes sense Apple goes with the next best thing, even it’s their competition in another market. It’ll be interesting though, to see what default search will appear on the next Apple OS or Safari.

  8. Apple and Google aren’t really at war, this is all a smoke screen by the two companies to keep the monopoly regulators looking elsewhere while they take over the IT world. Bing will never happen on Apple, it will be collateral damage…

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