Apple’s cone of silence deployed as company prepares to change the rules yet again

“It’s the most highly anticipated product in years, and there’s no proof it actually exists,” Omar El Akkad reports for The Globe and Mail Update.

“The technology world is buzzing with excitement over Apple’s tablet computer – a device the company has never revealed details of or even acknowledged is in development,” El Akkad reports. “Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs is expected to finally show off the tablet at an event later this month, but until he does, it resides almost solely in the imaginations of the company’s fans, based on information gleaned from vague patent applications and press leaks.”

“For Apple, the tablet represents the next step in a mission to dominate the portable entertainment industry,” El Akkad reports. “With the iPod, the company staked its claim to the digital music market; with the iPhone, it expanded on what a portable device was capable of, building an entire applications-based ecosystem and ushering a smart-phone revolution.”

“Now, Apple is out to change the rules again,” El Akkad reports. “The tablet – referred to by many as the iSlate, after a domain name the company purchased several years ago – may prove to be even more disruptive than the iPod and iTouch [sic].”

El Akkad reports, “Apple has one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies of any technology firm – it involves complete silence.”

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    Steve Ballmer, listen to some music on your iPhone and relax! Enjoy a stress free day on your iMac as you look for soothing images to enhance your calm.

    Relax and enjoy an Apple enhanced day!

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