Acer founder: US computer brands may be gone in 20 years

“US computer brands may be gone in 20 years’ time due to an inability to produce the low-priced PCs the market demands, the Taiwanese founder of computer maker Acer was quoted as saying Tuesday,” AFP reports.

“‘The trend for low-priced computers will last for the coming years,’ said Stan Shih, high tech entrepreneur and founder of the island’s leading personal computer brand according to the Taipei-based Commercial Times newspaper. ‘But US computer makers just don’t know how to put such products on the market… US computer brands may disappear over the next 20 years, just like what happened to US television brands,'” AFP reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dell? Sure. HP? Probably. Apple? iCal’ed. See you right here on Saturday, January 19, 2030, where we’ll be serving Stan a heaping helping of crow.


  1. They won’t be gone if they find ways to add value to the computer experience the way Apple has.

    As commodity dealers (what is the difference between a Dell or HP, honestly?) they have been knifing each other to death for years.

    Meanwhile, Apple has excelled. There are lessons to be learned.

  2. I would agree with him if Apple weren’t in the market. There were no innovative TV companies that gave you a better user experience or features that you couldn’t get anywhere else. And nobody was saying that a US TV brand topped the charts in customer satisfaction and support.

  3. Note that even Apple Inc. dropped the word “computer” from their corporate name. With OSX, Apple stands alone on strong foundation. With only Windows, Acer too, could become a casualty of the race to the bottom. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I think Mr. Shih’s dick is going to fall off within the next 20 years. Opps, sorry, already did, along with his balls. Acer is so incapable of doing anything original and are bottom feeders. For that he is proud? Glad to see America business ideas are flowing right to Taipei!

  5. Wow, this guy is amazing. He’s not taking into account how different consumers are regarding technology now vs. the TV era. And he’s practically saying that computers or computing as a whole isn’t going to change that much.

    He can start eating his words next week I’m sure.

  6. 20 is an unforeseeable future for this type of thing. Most companies are not successful for that period anyway. Compare Apple’s “future” in 1975 to 1985 to 1995 to 2005. Nothing was predictable.

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