RUMOR: $999 Apple tablet facing ‘minor issues’ which could result in June launch

“While Apple’s tablet is still expected to see a formal introduction at a media event next week, issues with battery life and durability could result in a June launch, an analyst said Tuesday,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“In a new note to investors, Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. said checks with supply chain sources indicate the launch pattern for the tablet could follow that of the original iPhone in 2007, with a January unveiling and final product shipping to consumers six months later,” Hughes reports. “He said that the June launch could be due to ‘minor issues’ with more work needed on battery life and durability.”

Hughes reports, “However, he said, checks also indicate that a tablet-type device will be introduced next week, at a Jan. 27 event… The analyst’s claims of a June launch contradict with The Wall Street Journal, which reported earlier this month that the hardware is expected to ship in March.”

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  1. Does anyone remember the Apple patent which showed a thin tablet device docking inside what looked like an iMac? The screen had a slot on the right side.

    It looked like a really cool and functional concept. A marriage of portability and a really usable screen. Has the time arrived for it?

  2. Two things you can count on…the perfect timing of an article like this, and second…Wu’s name right in the middle of it.
    It’s proven that Wu has no real sources any more than anyone else…he is inside the guess ball like the rest of us.

  3. @ Bob –

    I’m with you all the way!

    Yeah, we wouldn’t want to give citizens health care or anything. That would be the worst possible thing for the nation.

    I’m proud the United States is virtually the only industrialized country that lets private enterprise make billions in profits by limiting access to health care to those who purchase their expensive plans.

  4. OK, this is the funniest one of the day. Shaw Wu said the following 2 things in his “analysis”:

    1. The Apple Tablet will probably run on WiFi rather than on AT&T;’s already strained 3G network
    2. The Apple Tablet will probably cost $1000, although he adds that carrier subsidies may lower the cost.

    Hmm, if you are not on AT&T;’s (or anyone’s) 3G network, but are running on WiFi networks, you don’t HAVE a carrier. What carrier is there to subsidize the cost of your tablet???

  5. Hilarious, as usual. There are no “channel checks” in existence to give him these “clues”- anyone who claims they know ANYTHING because of a “channel check” has pulled the info directly from their nether region.

    Funny, there is always the “iProduct may be delayed” rumor just before each announcement- always false.

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