RUMOR: $999 Apple tablet facing ‘minor issues’ which could result in June launch

“While Apple’s tablet is still expected to see a formal introduction at a media event next week, issues with battery life and durability could result in a June launch, an analyst said Tuesday,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“In a new note to investors, Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. said checks with supply chain sources indicate the launch pattern for the tablet could follow that of the original iPhone in 2007, with a January unveiling and final product shipping to consumers six months later,” Hughes reports. “He said that the June launch could be due to ‘minor issues’ with more work needed on battery life and durability.”

Hughes reports, “However, he said, checks also indicate that a tablet-type device will be introduced next week, at a Jan. 27 event… The analyst’s claims of a June launch contradict with The Wall Street Journal, which reported earlier this month that the hardware is expected to ship in March.”

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  1. Wow, so the Apple tablet which is already in mass production according to one analyst is delayed according to another analyst.

    At least we know why “anal” is in the job position—after all, their profession is pulling bullshit out of their asses.

  2. noooo please no 999 price tag i was really hoping for 600 to max 700 sorry but i know apple cant truly push this for college kids as a replacement for textbooks at 999 along side a macbook at 999 it would have to go above and beyond a mac book. maybe just for fans and show offs dying to pull this device out was looking forward to using it for school fingers crossed that its less that 999 come on apple college students with rising tuitions need a device that both works and doesn’t require another loan to get we dont want pc’s lol now watch the stupid comments you cant afford it too bad haha i own shares yada yada i want big profit margins blah blah

  3. I believe you have answered your own question as to why the tablet will likely be around $1k. However, Apple did say that shipping this product will create a lower profit margin for Apple. What we don’t know is if that translates to a cheaper pricepoint for consumers.

  4. There is no way Apple would set itself up by announcing a product that has “durability” issues. Any of these issues would have been figured out long ago. Apple couldn’t possibly figure out retail pricing, etc. without having a finalized product ready to go.

    Who are these idiots?

    And MacKid.. no offense… but why do you think you’re entitled to have something you can’t afford? I’m so tired of this attitude from young people. Nobody cares what your tuition is. If it’s not tuition, it’s a mortgage. Or it’s heat. Or it’s food… so you know what? Grow up, OK? We all have priorities with money and what we can and can not afford.

    If Apple didn’t make a profit on what it sells, it couldn’t make new products. Maybe take an economics class in that college of yours and learn how business works. Of course, you probably think people who work owe you health care too…

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