Simulations of Mac OS X 3D in medical and engineering applications (with video)

“In December 2009, Patently Apple presented one of Apple’s most exciting patents of the year which took us into the futuristic world OS X-3D,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The patent presented us with a view of a sophisticated head tracking system that would allow the user to view different angles of a graphic, simulation model or even a chart using Apple’s iWork based ‘Numbers’ application. Then last week in a posted report covering Intel’s CES Keynote 2010, I presented the possibility that Apple would likely update their iLife Application suite applications iPhoto and iMovie in concert with the release of Apple’s futuristic OS,” Purcher reports. “The work at Intel’s labs definitely sparked that idea, specifically in creating Avatars using iMovie.”

Purcher reports, “Today, I was presented with two simulations of what Apple’s futuristic OS could look like working with medical and engineering applications. The simulations were done [by Software Advice’s Houston Neal] on an iMac and think you’ll absolutely find them to be fascinating.”

Medical and Engineering simulation:

Direct link via YouTube here.

Full article, with the second video, here.


  1. Just because you can do sonethibg doesn’t mean you can. I think it’s easier and faster to navigate around that image using cursor keys rather than tilting your head…

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