Google rebadged HTC ‘Nexus One’ phone leaves string of disappointed customers in its wake

January Clearance Blowout ends 1/14“Google’s Nexus One phone may have been one of the most anticipated devices of the last few weeks. But since the smartphone’s launch last Tuesday, it has left a string of unhappy customers in its wake,” Priya Ganapati reports for Wired.

“Nexus One has been plagued by consumer complaints including spotty 3G connectivity, a high early termination fee, poor customer support from Google and problems with the touchscreen,” Ganapati reports.

“Nexus One is available only through Google’s online store. Unlike with a Motorola Cliq or a HTC G1, users can’t walk into a T-Mobile store and buy the Nexus One. They can’t even count on T-Mobile’s customer service representatives in store or the company’s phone support to solve their problems. Instead, Nexus One customers can only get e-mail support from Google,” Ganapati reports. “It’s a strategy that has backfired on Google. The company’s support forums are full of customer complaints around the Nexus and the company’s poor service.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. Why do you think they call it a “Superphone.”

    We all know how many problems we had using one before Apple made it simple. Just add all those problems up in mass quanity and you have a “Super” phone!

    Google sweats the details to give you more problems for your Buck!

  2. Well, another one failed. Why always some people like to hate the best. I mean, all the things people don’t like of Iphone, aren’t better on another device. If you do a survey in Verizon customers, you will find a lot dissapointment and call issues. Also will find people really happy with service. Same goes for ATT. I like google search engine, and gmail. But they make the same mistake that others: They tried to copy instead of innovate. I guess once apple dominate the cell market, then other will insist to keep copying them.

  3. It’s typical of Google to have this arrogant, misanthropic approach to service. They do not really value people so much as they see them as mouth-breathing sources of free energy.

  4. From the article:
    “Google tends to have a bit of a Teflon coating,” says Golvin. “People tend to cut them a lot more slack — as they do with Apple — than they do with their mobile operator.“

    WHO tends to cut Apple a lot more slack?! Not me.

    And since when has Apple needed as much slack as the Google Nexus One mess?!

    Bite me Golvin. You want Teflon? The most deranged ‘Teflon coating’ belongs to Microsoft. Why anyone bothers with MS crapware is beyond my comprehension.

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