Cringely: Apple to bring Blu-ray to Macs, at least two new next-gen iPhones, and more in 2010

January Clearance Blowout ends 1/14“Over the past years Apple has brought out successively better and ever more solid versions of OS X. They’ve completed a transition from PowerPC to Intel processors that could have killed a lesser company. They’ve built a dominant line of professional apps and a competitive line of productivity apps, pricing them reasonably compared to Microsoft. They re-invented the media player and the smart phone. They revolutionized the record business. And having once vilified the very idea of Apple stores, they changed their minds and showed the world how stores ought to be run. The company is absolutely at the top of its game despite a CEO who was absent for months near death,” Bob Cringely writes for i, Cringely. “How do you top that?”

“In 2010 you do so by entering new markets and turning on old friends, sometimes simultaneously. That’s likely to be the case with the coming iSlate tablet, or whatever it will be called, which definitely won’t be running exclusively on AT&T. You can see that from AT&T’s sudden embrace of Android, which never would have happened if Steve Jobs hadn’t first made a preemptive move of his own for the iSlate, probably to Verizon. The Apple/AT&T marriage is now one of convenience only,” Cringely writes.

Cringely writes, “Look for Blu-Ray [sic] drives to start appearing, shortly, in Apple computers along with Blu-Ray support in all of Apple’s professional applications… In 2010 we’ll surely see at least two next-gen iPhones, too — a smaller form factor in the Nano tradition and a 1 GHz processor on something like the current model. Apple will remain atop the smart phone market…”

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of Cringely’s predictions, but I’ve never notice how many came true. A quick review points to very few. He comes up with these grand claims, based on his own thoughs, and people think what he says will happen.

    I’m not saying that Apple won’t come out with Blu-ray and a couple of new iPhones, I’m just saying based on his past record, MDN would have chopped him up if he wasn’t saying positive things about Apple.

  2. Doubtful. Compare the iPod Nano to the iPod Touch. The Nano is a media player, the Touch is a hand-held computing device. Why would anyone want to limit themselves to a media player that makes phone calls? What’s next, the iPhone Shuffle, it will call somebody, you’re just not sure who?

  3. Cringeley’s tea leaves are strictly for entertainment purposes.

    I’m pretty sure he is actually right in fewer instances than pure random chance would suggest… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    MDN word: faith — exactly!

  4. “They’ve completed a transition from PowerPC to Intel processors that could have killed a lesser company.”

    Microsoft? Surely Microsoft would have pulled such a simple feat as that, Vista is proof positive that Microsoft is a capable company. Capable of what is questionable.

  5. The rumor mill has gotten crazy. Someone has predicted that the next iPhone will have multi-touch on the back case similar to the Magic Mouse. I’ve got a $1000 that says that ain’t going to happen.

  6. this tsunami of rumors feels like an organized campaign to raise expectations for new Apple products to Chariots of the Gods levels, only to plummet when “only” a new iPhone is introduced, slamming stock prices, don’t it?
    now everyone take a big breath, and focus on healthcare reform and all the takeaways that will ream everyone

  7. Apple may (and probably should) add Blu-Ray support for Pro apps (and iMovie), but I doubt we’ll see Blu-Ray players in Macs. Sony wants too much for licensing fees.

    We’ll never see an iPhone nano. How would you multi-touch a screen half the size of the current iPhone? You’ve just removed the wonder and functionality of the iPhone by reducing the screen size. I don’t understand why these analysts keep insisting that Apple needs a smaller iPhone.

    Hey analysts, get this through your heads: THE IPHONE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!!!! NOT EVERYONE WANTS ONE!!! SMALLER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!!! (Just ask Enzyte).

  8. I don’t see the point of blu-ray players in a computer. I watch blu-ray DVDs to emmerse myself into it, but doing so on a computer, especially a laptop, isn’t going to be easy at all. I hope Apple shares this insight, and doesn’t waste their time with this. Though, higher resolutions all around would be a huge plus.

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