17-year-old charged with making a terroristic threat in Apple Store bomb scare

January Clearance Blowout ends 1/14“A 17-year-old boy typed a note on a computer at an Apple Store, threatening to inflict ‘bloody death’ by detonating a bomb there, prosecutors said,” The NY Post reports.

“Jason Barry was charged with making a terroristic threat at his arraignment yesterday in Staten Island Criminal Court,” The Post reports. “Barry told police he was only joking when he typed the note under a friend’s father’s name on Monday and left it on the screen at the store at the Staten Island Mall.”

The Post reports, “The boy left the store, and someone at Apple discovered the note and called police.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, that joke certainly bombed.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. Whatever ever happened to freedom of speech? Time to grow up and stop being so precious. OMG some idiot typed some rubbish on a computer-> lets not TOTALLY overreact…Off to gitmo with him. Sad.

  2. @kenc

    bad idea, of course, but seriously, how seriously scarry-assed lame would you have to be to take it so seriously? Usually people who are going to vaporize themselves and others tend to do it, not publisize it, particularly not in an apple store by typing it into a computer. It’s the idiocy of youth and should be treated as such. Instead, overreact, ruin the kid’s life forever and turn him into a criminal and a card carrying member of ‘lets hate society and everything it stands for’ and then set him loose in a totally fearful society with no prospects and full of resentment. Talk about upgrading a person into a potential murderer. Good one!

  3. @Brulek, freedom of speech? Are you THAT ignorant?

    @Jamie, can you read? The moron in question was charged with “making a terroristic threat”, not being an actual terrorist (subtle distinction, I know) so your dictionary of definition of “terrorist” has little relevance here.

    By your logic, if I pointed my Glock at your head and said, “Boom!”, then said, “Oh, I was just joking”, you’d be perfectly fine with that, right? Obviously, I’m not a terrorist and I wasn’t really guilty of making a threat because I was just joking, right?

  4. @ecrabbm,

    terroristic |ˌterəˈristik| adjective

    Learn to read before shooting your mouth off and confirming your idiocy.

    My comment remains valid.


    Uh. not as far as the actual law is concerned, it doesn’t. There is a GIANT distinction in the law between behaving “terroristic” and actually being a “terrorist”.

  5. while i agree that this was stupid and clearly points out the pussification of America, i ask the forum this one simple question…What if it hadn’t been a threat, a store clerk simply closed the app and ignored it and a bomb did blow up, killing a mess of people?

    again, i agree with most folks here that this was a stupid prank, but then again, i never imagined you could bring down an airliner with a box cutter either. crazy times my friends, crazy times.

  6. Sorry folks but I’m with the, put him in the cell with the “you’re my little puppy now” perp for a fortnight and the little shit might just think twice next time. If you’d been his friends father and had been lifted on suspicion before they realised you’d been set up you would have been really pissed off I bet. If you let the youth get away with it all he does is large it up in front of his mates telling them what a set of dicks the authorities are. I sincerely hope that fun time is over for this halfwit.

  7. @Jamie

    Thank you for reducing the actual argument to name calling. When you did that it really hit home and made me realize how right you were initially. I’m going to take the last couple decades as a criminal defense lawyer and knowledge of criminal law that I’ve gained during my practice and just erase it from my memory so that the next time I disagree with a Judge’s ruling, I can just go ahead and call him a “moron” to get him to see my side of things. I can’t thank you enough for showing me the light. It’s all clear to me now, all those years of study and practice were just a big giant wast.

    In addition, I want to thank you for showing me the proper way to read dictionary entries. From now on I will never look at the forms of the word and go any further when I can understand exactly and precisely what they mean by reading the meaning of the root word right above. I mean, and adjective and a noun couldn’t possible have different meanings, right? Thank you so much for all of your wonderful insight that I can now put to practice in my own life. Much obliged.

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