Intel makes ‘huge mistake’ as email promo confirms Apple Core i5 MacBook Pro

New Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac. $15 discount!“An e-mail sent to members of Intel’s Retail Edge promotional program highlight a forthcoming MacBook Pro from Apple sporting a new Core i5 processor,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The promotion was also included in an e-mail sent out to U.S. members of the Intel Retail Edge Program. It reads: ‘January Prize Draw: Win a MacBook Pro. Pass this month’s trainings for 2 chances to win one of 2 MacBook Pro laptops with the accelerated response of an Intel Core i5 processor,'” Oliver reports. “Currently, the top MacBook Pro has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.”

Oliver reports, “Earlier Wednesday, captured the images, which state the program will be giving away two MacBook Pros equipped with the Intel Core i5 processor. The site surmises the promotion’s listing was a ‘huge mistake’ by Intel’s marketing department.”

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  1. People within Apple find out about new products when they absolutely need to. There would be no need to even draft an email like that by anyone who knows until it became a neccesity.

    These fake accidental email/webstore posting stories are just so lame and boring. Either entertain us with some Photoshop skills or STFU!

  2. Don’t forget about differing intentional misdirection to multiple suspected leakers. Then wait and see what leaks to nail the suspect.

    That has happened in the past at Apple to sniff out employees that can’t keep their mouth shut.

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