RUMOR: Apple snaps up world supply of 10.1-inch multi-touch LCD and OLED screens

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“An interesting rumor reached the ever alert ears of TG Daily’s hacks on the CES showroom floor last week, with word that Apple has snapped up all available supply of 10.1-inch multi-touch display LCD and OLED screens for its upcoming tablet,” Sylvie Barak reports for TG Daily.

“‘We were designing a product for a customer and we needed 10 inch screens, but we’ve been trying for months and can’t get one from any of the Asian suppliers,’ an anonymous designer for a firm wishing to remain nameless told TG Daily,” Barak reports. “‘We were told that Apple pre-ordered them all. All 10 inch LCDs, and all 10 inch OLEDs too,’ our source continued…”

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Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider, “OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes, deliver color pictures without the need for a backlight. They consume less energy and provide a superior picture.”

“In December, analyst Yair Reiner with Oppenheimer specifically disputed the claims of an OLED screen. He said checks within Apple’s supply chain have said the device will use a 10.1-inch multi-touch display using LTPS LCD technology — the same as on the iPhone,” Lane reports.

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  1. Rut roh, if the OLED rumor does indeed turn out to be true then a lot of OLED hating Apple fanboys will be tucking their tails in between their legs. Ever since the Zune HD, all we hear from folks like Daniel Eran Dilger and many MDN posters is how much OLED technology sucks.

  2. Just because OLED sucked in its early iterations doesn’t mean it will always suck. Having said that, Techcrunch’s review of the HTC Nexus One indicates that the OLED screen still sucks in daylight.

  3. Do not expect OLEDs in Apple products any time soon. I know someone who interviewed for one of the new displays positions at Apple in 2008 and they were exclusively looking at ramping up production only in LCD technologies. The jobs would require a lot of travel to Asia to work closely with the LCD suppliers.

    That ramp-up is has been coming to fruition in the LED backlit computer displays and now the tablet. OLED is not yet ready for prime time in Apple products.

  4. It seems highly unlikely to me that Apple would release units using two types of displays. In addition to the fact that OLED displays are more expensive, the last time that I looked into them the LED output decreased fairly rapidly over time (thousands of hours). I think that the blue LED was the worst.

    If the OLED technology has improved in recent history and the price has dropped substantially, then it might happen. When the OLED technology is perfected, then I agree with Snapper – OLED will likely be the best option for portable electronics offering a thin profile, emissive output, great color and contrast dynamic range, and power-efficiency for longer battery life. Until then, the best option is LED-backlit LCDs which, unfortunately, are often referred to as “LED” displays.

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