France’s Orange sold 200,000 iPhones in December; Apple tablet to offer mobile video-conferencing

France Telecom’s Orange Deputy CEO Stéphane Richard told Europe 1 radio’s Jean-Pierre Elkabbach this morning that his company sold 200,000 Apple iPhone units in December 2009 alone.

As we covered earlier, Richard also confirmed that Apple would be launching a tablet equipped with a webcam that will allow live video streaming for mobile video-conferencing.

Orange Deputy CEO Stéphane Richard interview (in French):

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. @Ron

    I am glad to be French fluent.


    French CEOs are usually very careful and conservative people. They don’t go by the rumor.
    My guess, the rumor is coming and Steve Jobs is leaking info through Stéphane Richard.

  2. The so-called tablet will not canibalise any of the existing functionality of any of the mac lines. What it will do though is use apps as its main OS thus negating the browser as the main portal to the internet and at the same time ensuring that apps developers realise a livelyhood by having an exclusive ready made market.

    What is the ramification of taking this high road? I hear you ask….
    First, it will provide security for any apps vendor and an income stream. Second, it will encourage publishers to vend their publications via apps. Thirdly, Musicians can reclaim their lost revenues by selling their music via apps either as a radio stream or as a subscription all you can eat model thus cutting out them great big fat bastards! Fourthly, Film and television can be sold as apps i.e programming and Fifth but not finally, viruses, trojans,
    can be eliminated via no available platform.

  3. Access to porn for those who cannot live without it will be available via apps but hopefully only legal stuff.

    So will that be the end of the browser? No! but it will certainly be the beginning of a big game changer!

  4. McIntosh:


    Is it because you aren’t smart enough to learn a second one?”

    Looks like 1.) you couldn’t detect a simple, elegant joke even if it slapped you in the face; and 2.) you owe Ron a massive apology, as he can, no doubt, easily be your grandfather (according to his age; realistically, he couldn’t possibly, since at least some of the intelligence and wit would have come down the genetic line…)

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