Although not in attendance, Apple pervades CES show

Apple Online Store “Apple, as usual, doesn’t have a presence at the Consumer Electronics Show, but, as usual, it’s still one of the most dominant companies on the show floor,” Chris Morris reports for CNBC.

“The app explosion is well underway. Apple announced earlier this week that over 3 billion widgets and programs for the iPhone and iPod Touch have been downloaded from the app store since its July 2008 launch—an average of 350 per second,” Morris reports. “Apps are also big business at this year’s CES. Hundreds of exhibitors at the show are pitching them along with their their other new offerings. Recognizing the trend, the Consumer Electronics Association, which hosts CES, this year introduced a separate area called the iLounge, where 100 exhibitors with Apple-related products, including apps, are able to showcase their products.”

Morris reports, “The app is evolving. Consumer electronics companies are integrating them with physical, real-world devices, letting users use their iPhone to control things around their home… ‘[We’re seeing] an amalgamation of sorts,’ says Minh Doan, vice president of engineering for Unity4Life, which is working with AudioVox on the Zentral line. ‘People are getting rid of their extra remotes and unifying devices onto their iPhones.'”

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  1. “Why doesn’t Apple allow iPhone apps to run on Mac?


    Because isn’t that what the slate/tablet is supposed to be for?? The UI for most iPhone apps is designed for touch not a mouse..

    That being said, you can run iPhone apps on the mac w/ the iPhone developer kit..

  2. @SamLowry

    Remember, the rate of downloads has be accelerating. You assumed a linear rate.


    With the aforementioned acceleration, it may be sooner than you think. Of course, we will have to wait for Apple to make the announcement. Maybe at the late January event? Would certainly be appropriate. Besides, who can check their numbers for veracity?

  3. @qka:
    no, I implied nothing, I read the text:

    Apple announced earlier this week that over 3 billion … have been downloaded … since its July 2008 launch—an average of 350 per second.

    as it is written here, it is a straight contradiction.

    they did not say anything about a rate but an average over that full time.
    the rate may be 350/s now.
    we will see in a month, as Geo pointed out.

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