CES: Tablet computers seen taking off in 2010

EA Store: Award-winning Games“Graphics chip maker Nvidia said its new Tegra chip, which took 500 engineers to design, will help usher in the age of tablet, a small computer with the power of a laptop but the mobility and energy efficiency of a wireless phone,” Dan Gallagher and Jeffry Bartash report for MarketWatch.

“Nvidia Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang said the Tegra chip is powerful enough to allow a tablet user to play 140 hours of music without a charge, or 16 hours of high-definition movies,” Gallagher and Bartash report. “‘The processor is nothing short of a miracle for us,’ Huang said at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Tegra has a dual-core CPU and eight independent processors, supplying 10 times the performance of the average smartphone, according to Nvidia.”

MacDailyNews Take: Their “miracle” chip faces the prospect of becoming mundane in a matter of weeks.

Gallagher and Bartash report, “The touch-screen tablet Huang used in his demonstration was slightly larger than a Kindle e-book reader, but smaller and thinner than a netbook. At CES, Dell Inc. showed off its own tablet, but the device was much smaller. It had a 5-inch screen, slightly larger than that of an Apple Inc. iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Note: See Gizmodo’s “A Quickie Look At Dell’s Slate, In a Dark Corridor” for more info.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dell. Puleeze. And, thanks CES dorks, but “tablet” computers will take off when Steve Jobs taps the launch button on his.


  1. The big question for me (and for a lot of people) is battery life. If Apple can deliver close to the battery life claimed in the above article, the rest is gravy.

  2. Bring um’ on. I love the competition! Apple’s device will be awesome, but maybe a bucket full of tablets will help keep the price down.

    When the iPhone first came out it was way overpriced, because Apple knew it was the only one out there. They eventually back-tracked and started price cuts and subsidizing. People will only pay so much and competition helps keep them a bit more honest.

    If Apple wants “pc” users to switch, price WILL make a difference with them….mac users just won’t buy any until Apple makes it more affordable. If they’re looking to get $1000.00 for their tablet, a lot of folks will sit on their wallets, including me.

  3. Nvidia makes good chips. If they have a lead here, hopefully Apple will be using their work. These days chips are like PC boards used to be, and companies build entire systems on a chip that combine several 3rd party designs. This makes their products lighter and lower powered than separate chips would be.

  4. Isn’t the Tegra in the latest Zune?

    And how does this chip provide so many hours of music & video? Seems to me that the length of play is a function of the battery.

    Blathering asshat.

  5. “the Tegra chip is powerful enough to allow a tablet user to play 140 hours of music without a charge”

    WOW!!! 140 hours of music playback without a charge! It’s a miracle! No electricity needed! Amazing!

    Y’see because USUALLY you need, say, a single charge, at least.

    That IS a breakthrough!

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