CNBC’s Goldman: Not since Moses came down from on high has a tablet generated so much interest

“Not since Moses came down from on high with those commandments has a tablet generated so much interest,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

MacDailyNews Take: We just knew that graphic would come in handy someday and today’s the day (twice so far)!

Goldman continues, “But such is the case with the Mac Tablet, MacSlate, iPad, or whatever it might be called from Apple. And it all makes sense in a strangely biblical way since Apple was the company that unleashed that so-called ‘Jesus phone.'”

“The world is all a twitter now that the Wall Street Journal has jumped on the tablet train, breaking news this afternoon that the Apple event later this month will in fact be about the tablet, which will be unveiled with a 10 or 11 inch screen and hit store shelves in March,” Goldman writes. “I guess that’s news, but the blogosphere has been rife with other details: the event will be Jan. 27 instead of Jan. 26. The tablet will sell for under $1,000. It’ll sell 10 million units in its first year and generate $1 billion in revenue. Those are the rumors, and they won’t become fact or fiction officially until Jobs walks out on stage (rumored to be at San Fran’s Yerba Buena Gardens, by the way) later this month. Or next. Or whenever.”

“We’ll know when we know, which is about the same time that Steve Jobs has circled on his desk blotter, and highlighted on his iPhone calendar, following the single, most important Apple commandment: When Jobs – and only Jobs – is good and gosh-darned ready,” Goldman writes. “All the rest is just sport.”

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  1. Moses’s tablets weren’t all that hyped at the time. In fact, if I remember the story correctly, that group of faithful got bored waiting and started having orgies in tribute to a golden cow.

    Today Ballmer doesn’t draw nearly as much excitement and he’s not made of precious metal.

  2. Apple’s tablets will be much, MUCH bigger. First, as Mel Brooks has pointed out, there were originally THREE tablets with 15 commandments. Original printed on shoddy material (stone). No durability. No warranty. Next, the font on those tablets was God awful (literally in this case). Marker felt, I think. And Hebrew? What kind of language is that? UNIX has that way beat. Moses as spokesperson? Please. Awful, awful public speaker. Jobs has it all over him. Finally, fixed text? C’mon! We want to write our own content. I can see some of the new laws now. Thou shalt buy thee an iTablet. Thou shalt not buy thee from Microsoft or any of their cleft hooven retailers. Thou shalt have good taste. Thou shalt not take any pictures of thy Lord Jobs. And so on and so on and so on…

  3. The Moses comparison is interesting but Michelangelo would be more appropriate.
    Michelangelo, when will the ceiling be finished? A: It will be done when it is done.

    At least this tablet shouldn’t be banned from public schools and Civic Centers. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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