CNBC to air ‘Planet of the Apps: A Hand-Held Revolution!’ on Thursday January 7th

Apple Online StoreThey’re quick, helpful and maybe even a little addictive. There are more than 100,000 apps available today and they do just about everything from helping you catch a cab to balancing your budget. CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, looks at how this cultural phenomenon has truly changed the way we live.

CNBC presents “Planet of the Apps: A Hand-Held Revolution!,” a CNBC original reported by CNBC’s Scott Wapner that goes inside the apps gold rush. CNBC introduces viewers to some of the creators who are designing applications and striking it rich and explains just how the big business of apps really works.

The one-hour program looks at how the launch of the Apple iPhone in June of 2007 gave birth to a revolution in mobile technology—an apps explosion. As the popularity of apps continues to soar and users view them as an essential tool for everyday life, Apple has opened the door for outside developers to create new apps and a new breed of entrepreneurs allowing anyone from an engineer to a Hollywood star to an everyday person to become an app developer.

CNBC also profiles two new app entrepreneurs from Chicago, Darren Marshall and Phil Tadros, who want to get in on the phenomenon with a budget management tool called Texthog. The app would allow users to immediately record their expenses by texting them to their Text Hog account. The documentary follows Marshall and Tadros as they develop, design and program the app and ultimately submit it to Apple for approval; a process, which can be both stressful and time consuming.

While the apps business is a huge success, CNBC takes a look at just how difficult it is to turn a quick profit on an app. Now, with more than 100,000 apps available, developers need to market their apps and companies like The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and even CNBC are looking to apps as a tool to complement their print and broadcast media.

CNBC takes you inside Medl Mobile, a Southern California company whose mission is to work with anyone and everyone who has an idea to get an edge in the app world and whose goal is to launch 1000 apps over the next two years.

“Planet of the Apps: A Hand-Held Revolution!” premieres Thursday, January 7th @ 10pm ET on CNBC-TV.

Source: CNBC


  1. Bill Gates as rounds the corner going back into Redmond to try and save the company:

    “Oh, my God!

    I’m back!

    I’m home.

    All the time, it was…

    We finally really did it.

    You maniacs!

    You blew it up!

    God damn you!

    God damn you all to hell!”

  2. I think Apple’s tablet will only increase the apps market.
    Building apps will become like creating websites 15 years ago.
    Now wait until some geniuses find a way to turn big profits from them.
    This is when everybody rush in and the next bubble comes and explodes.

  3. I think that having a app in the store will become a new way of landing a job. Even if your app does not make money, just having the experience will be good on a resume. Especially if the new iSlate uses the iPhone OS.

  4. Next up: Beneath the Planet of the Apps! The Droids and Pre(ens) fester; planning a revolt. Who will survive? Will Jobs save Taylor? Will Schiller defuse the Nexus? Stay tuned….

  5. More like Beneath the planet of the Apps, where the MS consumers and execs peel off their faces to their God, the big ass missile.

    “We reveal our true selves to the almighty bomb”

    Apps will put the rest of the software companies out of business.

    Just a thought.

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