Analyst expects all-time record 3.3 million Mac sales in holiday quarter

Apple Online Store“Apple is estimated to have sold 3.3 million Macs during its most recent fiscal quarter, according to Broadpoint.AmTech analyst Brian Marshall,” MacNN reports.

“Should the figure prove correct, it will break an all-time sales record of 3.05 million Macs, set during the previous quarter,” MacNN reports. “It will also mark a growth of 31 percent year-over-year, up from 2.3 million.”

MacNN reports, “Marshall also suggests that the recent quarter should mark another surge in Apple’s desktop sales, which could rise 19 percent year-over-year to 865,000 units.”

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  1. I helped too.

    Could the new iMacs make up the bulk of Apple’s sales? Or is it Mac Books?


    The man who replaces Ballmer in 2011, will take the company in a new direction. He’ll do one of two things, embrace Linux and develop a new interface to produce an OS that will not contain the word Windows or, he’ll begin producing a Microsoft badged computer.

    Taking a page from Apple’s business model, they’ll combine the Xbox-360 and the LCD to create their next-gen media powerhouse that does double-duty as a personal computer, in order to avoid a conflict of interest with Dell, HP, and Lenovo and to avoid annoying the DOJ.

    Any startup could conceivably develop a “windows” OS by creating their own UI on top of a Linux Kernel and begin selling it immediately in the millions to the PC manufacturers.

    I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already. Maybe it has and Microsoft bought them up already.

    Apple could do such a thing just by releasing their own EFI product and then allowing PC users to buy their own retail copy of OS X.

    Such an act would have Microsoft reeling from the fallout and I seriously doubt they would be prepared to suffer the kinds of losses we could expect from such a move.

    But as any Apple veteran knows, doing so would have an impact on Mac sales by an order of magnitude twice over.

    Who knows though, things are changing rapidly and economies of scale are shifting dramatically towards the hand-held market and as any Mac veteran would tell you, if their laptop reaches parity with the desktop they would, in all likelihood, abandon the desktop altogether.

    If it got to that point, could Apple develop an EFI product that would not allow the installation of OS X onto a PC laptop, or could the EULA specifically state PC OS X can only be installed on a desktop PC?

    I’ll go out on a limb here and state that if the PC community adopted OS X, it would be a major setback for hackers and data thieves. All the while they are devising ways to develop vector attacks, Apple and the open source community would be closing up the analog holes.

    Just a thought… but, what could Microsoft do to compete with that? I mean, Apple could very well beat them at their own game, by delivering a superior OS that is impervious to virii.

  2. Apple doesn’t want the Global PC market as it’s a dinosaur that is slowly evolving into something else. Apple is keenly aware of this and is working a strategy to be the Technology leader in the next wave of technology change.

    Microsoft is still gripping the limp remains of the cheap PC market trying to squeeze has much blood out of it as they can get, all the while trying to kill, stop and even slow the next big technology shift which will leave it’s cash cows high and dry. As the speeding of the next technology revolution rush toward us, Microsoft is performing like a Deer in the head lights of a speeding truck.

    The Evil Google Vampires see the change in technology coming too, they are not sure how to deal with it either. So, Google has chosen to do what as worked for them and Microsoft Copy and steal your to the future and hoping giving it away brings you lots of quick market-share which you can leverage into paying customers down the road. The drug pusher approach.

  3. @ExpRainy,
    You’re right and the article’s author (or is it the “analyst”?) can’t do arithmetic. They got to 31% by using 3.3M in the denominator, when they should have used 2.3M.
    BTW, this number seems unrealistically high. Apple’s best quarter is usually the 3rd (calendar) quarter, not the 4th. Though, of course, I hope Apple hits it!!

  4. “Apple doesn’t want the Global PC market”

    That’s right. And they’re not interested in buckling the knees of Microsoft, either.

    Apple’s market share is dependent on switchers or first-time users but we all know Apple has enough customers to sustain Apple for decades to come, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

    3 percent of the entire computer community, Apple’s entire customer base, kept Apple alive through the Nineties and its safe to say the dark days are behind us.

  5. Not to nit, but Apple’s fiscal year began 1 October and the upcoming report will post First quarter results. Their Fourth Qtr Mac sales was record breaking and the buying hasn’t let up. The Apple stores this holiday season were jam-packed.

    Apple’s Mac sales have caught a wave from the iPhone tsunami

  6. @ G4D
    My MDD G4D is sitting, looking forlornly at me from the next desk. I haven’t booted it since I used it in Target Disk Mode, to transfer my files to this shinny i7. I suppose that’s sort of sad, because it’s still more computer than half the desktops in use.
    I expect I’ll be very surprised if the i7 hasn’t sold a million copies this quarter. I could be wrong. I was surprised that the 21.5 inch models outsold the 27 inch ones in the initial sales report some weeks ago.
    But I just marvel at how much value was built into this iMac. Mine was ordered the second day after it was introduced, and it seems to be a perfect build. Even this silly mouse and keyboard are wonderful.

  7. @AJ

    So let me get this straight, you went from PPC and Leopard overnight to Intel running Snow? Wow! I know what you mean, there is a lot to marvel at.

    The view alone is spectacular!

    I too went from a MDD G4D to the 24″ Extreme and the transition was breathtaking. I mean booting up the G4D (a gift to my daughter) is like booting in to OS 9 compared to this Intel model.

    She got the MDD maxed with hard drives, 2GBs, the ATI 9800 Pro, and dual opticals.

  8. @G4D

    I have the 1.25 Dual G4, and operated with two gigs of RAM for a good while. But I have an early 23 inch ACD, so I didn’t suffer from lack of real Apple capabilities. I remember purchasing and watching one of the new fangled DVDs that most people had to play on TV add-ons, for about $400.
    It was a HARD DAY’S NIGHT, and I sat distraught as I saw the young Beatles so clearly, and realized half of them were gone already.

    Last year, I helped my eighty year-old uncle step into the Mac world, with an iMac 24. It was a bit of culture shock for both of us. It was for me, because I had to relearn a lot of OS stuff. . . . It was for him, because it was a true revelation to him that a computer was actually able to do so many things, without crashing or viruses.

    When they announced the specs and price for the i7 I was stunned. I had planned to move up with another server-grade machine, in a Mac Pro, but the money I saved will let me buy my first laptop when the next big chip upgrade comes on line.

    Who knew?

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