NPD: Sales of Apple’s iWork ‘09 beat iWork ‘08 by 50 percent

Apple Store USA“According to the NPD Group, iWork 2009 sold 50 percent more units in its first 11 months on the market, from January to November 2009, than its predecessor, iWork 2008, sold in the same frame. iLife 2009, during the 11-month frame, sold about the same number of units as iLife 2008,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “iLife is included with all new Macs.”

“Both can also be purchased along with the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard upgrade in a $169 box set for a single user, or $229 family pack,” Hughes reports. “Volume increases for iWork and iLife do not include the bundle pack sales.”

Hughes reports, “In addition, the single-user license box sets for iWork have been a big seller for Apple. iWork and iLife are available separately with a $79 single user license for each, or a $99 family pack that can be installed on up to five computers.”

More info in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. It takes a long time for a big ship to turn around, but Microsoft’s day is done as surely as the sun rises and sets. Every year from now on, fewer and fewer people will settle for Microsoft products in the mistaken belief that they have no other choice. In reality, Microsoft is to computing what AOL was to the internet: a ubiquitous but clearly inferior alternative that succeeded only by throwing itself into the faces of customers who were too ignorant to realize that they have better options.

  2. Let’s see…
    From M$:
    “To run Microsoft® Office 2008 for Mac Business Edition, your computer must meet the following requirements: 2.3 GB of available hard disk space”

    From Apple:
    “iWork System Requirements: 1.2GB of available disk space”

    Which one suffers from severe bloat? Why, M$ needs a really big dose of Beano®!

  3. I still think the apps in iWork should be part of iLife.

    The name iLife alone stands for everything. All you’ll ever need. And it should be included with every Mac. All those apps together alone will be the best value ever in a computer that no other PC maker can match.

  4. Yet, nobody has even hinted at an iLife ’10 or iWork ’10 ! ! ! Will we be skipping a year? Again? I’d be satisfied if they settled on a release of either for Windows. Not so much to support that platform so much as to give those poor souls a look at the Other Side.

  5. Well I bought iWork 08.
    When I got to 20 rows in Numbers, I wanted to freeze the header row so I could see what my columns were as the page scrolled down.
    There is no such feature. Apparently they added it in 09.
    So maybe I should join this statistic, by spending $79 to be able to enter more than 20 rows in a spreadsheet.

  6. Hey PXT,
    You can add thousands of rows in iWork ’08, drag down the spreadsheet handle. Your comment about locking title rows is correct, it isn’t in iWork ’08, it is in iWork ’09. Yes, I missed not having them in iWork ’08 as well.

    Let’s put that $79 in perspective: Bubba Jones is an extreme tightwad however, over the past year most likely I urinated away $79; what I eat gets deposited. Also, at the time the cost of iWork was a tank of gas. My big pickup gets thirsty, gosh-darn I burned up that much money.

    iWork is a fairly new product, two-ish years young, new features will be added. Recall the first version of MS Excel came out in 1985 for the Mac, and a version for a PC in 1987.

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