FOXNews: ‘Big’ Apple event confirmed for January, focused on ‘mobility space’

“Following a Financial Times report that Apple has scheduled a special media event for January 26th in San Francisco, I’ve spoken to a source inside Apple who confirmed a ‘big’ event for January,” Clayton Morris reports for

“While nothing official has been handed down from the notoriously tight-lipped company, my source took the Financial Times report one step further by saying this event will focus on the mobility space,” Morris reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Robert S.” for the heads up.]


  1. Not sure if you are serious about that, but if you are, just the fact that you use their own marketing slogan in your description of them makes your opinion completely suspect.

    I could repeatedly you I’m 9 feet tall yet but that wouldn’t be true either.

  2. possibly new cpus for macbook pros? i would buy one even with the core 2 duo cpus if the 15″ had a higher res 1680×1050 or even better 1920×1080/1200. iv seen crappy lookin laptos out there with fhd screens in 15″

  3. @’@Davecc’

    Your logic is completely invalid on both your “evidence” as well as your analogy. Fox News is balanced, even Hilary admitted that Fox gave her the best and most fair treatment during the election and conservatives hate Hilary.

  4. @ron @Davecc @Original Jake

    Yes great reporting, calling it a terrorist fist bump when Obama gives his wife a pound; something that people do and have done around the country for more than 10 years…. Next thing you know, if he gives someone a high five, they will claim it’s a sleeper cell signal. Fox news spews unintelligent, un-vetted, purposely dense rhetoric for the sake of ratings and pushing an obviously one sided agenda. Nothing more, nothing less.

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