SmartMoney Person of the Decade: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Apple Sale“Apple CEO Steve Jobs is your SmartMoney Person of the Decade,” Clancy Nolan reports for SmartMoney.

“A full 30% of SmartMoney readers participating in our Person of the Decade poll, part of our weeklong Poll of the Decade series, named Jobs as their favorite person of the decade,” Nolan reports. “Certainly, Jobs accomplished more than probably any other CEO since he returned to Apple in the late 1990s: Not only did he revive sales at the failing computer company, he led the stock to a more than 700% increase in value, and forever changed the way people buy and listen to music.”

Nolan reports, “Second place fell to value investor Warren Buffett… Thirteen percent of readers voted Ben Bernanke as Person of the Decade — placing the Federal Reserve chairman [in 3rd place] surprisingly ahead of Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page in our poll. Only 12% of readers participating voted for Brin and Page.”

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  1. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are idiots, with god delusions and clown mentalities. They’ve had one great idea and that was Google’s search ranking method. They’ve stolen or bought everything else including their Ad model for which drives their cash cow. The only part of Google that makes them money, everything else they have to give away for cheap to get people to use it so, that they can learn more about their subjects so they can charge advertisers more and more for access to their subjects personal information.

    So, yes Google is Evil and as such Sergey Brin and Larry Page fall into the Ballmer school of running a big tech company. Create a Monopoly and then use what ever means (legal or not) to try and expand it. Anti-competitive behavior? Pish-Posh, Google buys it’s way out of anything just like Microsoft use too do.

  2. Ben Bernanke as Person of the Decade — placing the Federal Reserve chairman [in 3rd place]

    Just goes to show you, even a guy in charge of a private company that prints it’s own money and then loans it to the government with interest tacked on top, can fool the public.

    I wanna know, when can my private company get the next contract to print money?

  3. Google is increasingly being viewed as a company with confused direction. Does it want to be open source champion that “does no evil” or does it want to be the new Microsoft? As Google becomes bigger and bigger, with its tentacles expanding into ever more recesses of our online experience their luster is dimming and the company is raising suspicions about its motives.

  4. @Demon

    I mostly agree with you except, I’m not sure how the founding duo are idiots, given that they made their company worth more than Apple in less than 1/3 the time. And then there’s that Facebook twit.

    Meanwhile, yeah, Google = evil.

  5. @ krquet

    Because only idiots follow the Microsoft model for doing business.

    Steal it! If you can’t get away with stealing it, buy it. If it’s not for sell drive the owner of it out of business with government complaints and legal actions until they are forced to sell their IP on the cheap and then buy it cheap. If that fails build your own half baked version and force people to use it all while giving it all away for free, until the company that owns the IP you want can’t make any money and when it starts to fall apart swoop in a scoop up the IP you want at little to no cost. All bad idiot business practices that Google and Microsoft both use to get what they want and to get rid of competitors.

  6. @Demon
    I think you and I may have a slightly different definition/opinion on what constitutes an idiot.

    Other than that, I’m in total agreement with you, there really isn’t any comparison between Mr. Jobs and the other ‘also rans’ of the current age.

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