New U.S. TSA rules ban notebooks, Wi-Fi in final hour of flight

The New MacBook Air“The US Transportation Security Administration late Sunday implemented new rules that are likely to have far-reaching implications for technology on planes. The security measures will ban those on international flights entering the US from having any ‘personal belongings’ on their laps for the final hour of the flight, restricting notebooks and most other non-handheld devices. Access to carry-on bags is similarly restricted for the same period,” Electronista reports.

“They also preclude use of any communications or entertainment integrated with the plane itself for the final hour of the trip. The step not only restricts traditional services for passengers like phones and seat-mounted TV but also shuts down Wi-Fi services provided by carriers entering the US,” Electronista reports. “Strictly domestic flights aren’t affected by the restrictions.”

Full article here.

TSA Security Directive SD-1544-09-06 can be read in full here.


  1. The dick bomber from Nigeria, like the shoe bomber from the UK, demonstrated that what you need to thwart perps on an airplane is for the other passengers to go berserk on them.

    In response to this repeated proof that the TSA serves no useful role in protecting the traveling public, the bureaucrats spew out another bunch of useless rules, with the chief purpose of demanding more docility from the public.

    If we really want safety in the air, let anyone with a CCW license carry their weapon on the plane. Trying to disarm everyone discards the natural advantage of good people outnumbering bad people.


  2. What seems confusing is that these assholes seem fixated on attacking targets clearly cloaked in security. Even though the security is not perfect it is greater than many other things they might choose (god forbid). Why just airliners? To prove they can?

  3. Flying has become a penance. Sick bureaucrats wait for any disturbance to ratchet up the restrictions. Soon we’ll be required to wear straight jackets to protect us from ourselves.

  4. More inane rules from the TSA that make life more uncomfortable for the rest of us, but have no practical purpose in actually impeding a determined terrorist. Time to hold those bowel movements, kiddies! Better stock up on Depends for those long international flights…

  5. Of course there’s a need for security, but the ridiculous thing is, most of the world’s airports (outside of the northern hemisphere) are absolutely dangerous! Why doesn’t the damned US spend some time and money working with developing countries to improve: living conditions; education; AIRPORT SECURITY? Oh, of course–that requires real time and effort, while forcing stupid regulations like laptops/no access to handheld luggage etc requires no effort at all…

    and @Josh: idiot.

  6. @John C. Randolph
    “… let anyone with a CCW license carry their weapon on the plane. Trying to disarm everyone discards the natural advantage of good people outnumbering bad people. …”

    And then the loonies wouldn’t even have to have real weapons to constantly bring down plane-loads of people.

    The crazies could simply jump out of their seats and start screaming about the Taliban, until the vigilantes fill the plane cabin with bullet holes, bringing down the plane(s).

    (Did you actually think for even one second, before you posted your “solution”?)

  7. @jocknerd,

    Your moral equivalence is disgusting. I will really never be able to figure why liberals can take facts which are squarely in their face, and let political correctness tell them what to think. It does not speak of a healthy intellect. Seriously! Grow up!

    It IS a fact that the Koran commands brutal, ongoing violence against the infidel. The Bible does not.

    And it IS a fact that all of these terrorist incidents are all muslim.

    It IS a fact that muslims commit beheadings, “honor” killings, stonings, female subjugation, and all sorts of other awful horrors.

    Go to:

    and study up a little.

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