Erstwhile ‘Mac cloner’ Psystar halts sales of Rebel EFI Mac cloning tool, will peddle Linux PCs

The New Mac mini “Mac clone maker Psystar last week indefinitely suspended sales of its only product, a $50 utility that lets customers install Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system on generic Intel-based computers,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “The company also said it would resume selling systems ‘in the coming days.’ Those machines will run Linux rather than Mac OS X.”

Keizer reports, “Psystar, which began selling Mac clones in April 2008, has been battling Apple in federal court in California since July 2008, when Apple sued the Doral, Fla. firm, saying it violated copyright laws by preinstalling the Mac operating system on its machines.”

Keizer reports, “Sales of Rebel EFI, which Psystar launched in October, have been ‘voluntarily suspended’ while the company seeks clarification from the courts about whether the software is legal, Psystar said in a Dec. 22 statement. Psystar feels it would be prudent to halt the sale of Rebel EFI while we explicitly ask the court for clarification on the legality of Rebel EFI.’ Rebel EFI has been Psystar’s only product since early December, when the company halted sales of all hardware, including the Intel-based clones pre-loaded with Snow Leopard, and agreed to pay Apple approximately $2.7 million if it loses planned appeals of a ruling by U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup.”

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, Psystar has also been peddling $15 T-shirts and they continue to do so today.

Keizer reports, “Psystar has yet to file motions in either the California or Florida federal courts asking for clarification of Rebel EFI’s legal status.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now it’s all clear: This whole fiasco was a publicity stunt to gin up interest in Psystar T-shirts.


  1. HMCIV,

    Or, BC Ferries selling you an order of toast for four bucks. Add a hot drink for two bucks, and you’ve paid $6, less tax… …for toast and tea. WTF?!

    But, hey. I’d gladly pay six bucks for a Psystar LinuxPC! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  2. You forgot to mention that that $6 toast-and-tea came after a 2-hour wait in a ferry line up, and after paying at least $65 (car and 1 person) for a trip that could be cancelled without warning if the wind gets a bit too high for the captain to be able comfortably to hold his scotch-and-water. All of this because the damn government won’t build a fscking bridge!

    Sorry… I live on the damn island and get worked up at being held hostage by BC Bloody Ferries…

    MDN Word: “Nearly” as in, “BC Ferries is such a rip-off I nearly go out of my mind every time I have to travel with them!”

  3. “Psystar feels it would be prudent to halt the sale of Rebel EFI while we explicitly ask the court for clarification on the legality of Rebel EFI.”

    Hey Psystar! I can save you time and trouble: IT’S ILLEGAL!!!!

  4. It’s a sham! They will sell Linux boxes, but the hardware will be Mac-compatible, wink, wink. If you know what I mean.

    This is nothing but a big eff-you to Apple and the court, as they will walk the line of the legal ruling, and they will keep the case in ongoing limbo so that they won’t have to pay the $2.7M judgement.

  5. @KenC
    It doesn’t matter if the computers are “Mac-compatible”. As long as the computer doesn’t come with OS X already installed on it, Apple wins. Any consumer willing to install their own OS would probably just build a Hackintosh anyway. The problem was that Psystar made piracy simple for the average user. That’s over.

    Think Rattymouse owns one of those T-shirts? 😀


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