Apple’s App Store sees record breaking Christmas; destroys Android Market

“Apple rocked it this holiday season, and the early numbers are showing it. According to Flurry, the biggest mobile app analytics company, iPod Touch download volume saw a nearly 1,000% jump in downloads on Christmas Day. Overall, the App Store saw a 51% increase in downloads from November to December (downloads only increased by 15% from October to November),” Gagan Biyani reports for TechCrunch. “Christmas also marked the first day that iPod Touch app downloads surpassed iPhone app downloads, which makes sense (the iPod Touch is a more common gift than an iPhone).”

“I would expect an extremely strong Q1 from Apple. The data indicates that iPod touch sales skyrocketed leading up to Christmas, and that Apple’s App Store sales also saw a similar bump. Also expect the relatively smaller increase in month-to-month growth for Android to improve the value of Apple’s stock,” Biyani reports. “It seems like, for now, they are defending themselves well against the Android OS.”

“Apple’s App Store is still destroying Android,” Biyani reports. “Despite a lot of momentum and buzz behind Google’s vaunted, developer-friendly mobile OS, it really isn’t holding a candle to the iPhone OS. App Store downloads are 13 times greater than the Android Market. Additionally, the fact that the already-mature App Store saw a 50% monthly growth rate versus the Android Market’s 20% is impressive. One would think that the App Store growth would plateau at some point, but it doesn’t show any signs of leveling off just yet.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Everywhere I went locally (sans the Apple Store because there isn’t one here), they were out of iPod touches. Found only one Wal-Mart that had three nanos left (which were being held for someone) but I was able to coax one out of the clerk to give to my nephew.

    Apple is on a roll.

  2. i was in a target over the weekend,
    and heard an employee talking to another, saying, “can you believe we are out of iPods!?”

    it sounded like they had a large stock, and they were in disbelief they were all gone.

    p.s. so i wonder how the ZuneHD sold? lol

  3. I received a 3rd gen 32g touch to replace my 1st gen 16g touch. What a difference. The 3rd gen is a speed demon. My wife has the 1st gen touch. My daughter wants it but my wife isn’t giving in.

  4. Of course we all know that Apple is “doomed” because the Jan, quarter will be way down from the christmas quarter and that means the beginning of a trend!……

    Right? And people will look at charts of percentages of change of percentages over some oddball time frame to prove it. Apple is doomed…

    Hey, I am hoping for a sudden drop in Apple stock so I can get some more. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Just a new years thought.


  5. buzz about android? seriously, stop talking to the technorati in San Fran, pull your heads out of the sand. no one wants the clunky WinMo-esque android stuff…

    I get why its good to have, it pushes Apple, but the truth is, people just want iPhones. Blackberry’s are cool for email centric life, but really, what does Android offer… A range of hardware configurations that just make it look like the dreaded Windows PC platform? I dont want an ATM-level experience on my phone thanks.

    Seriously, stop talking to Leo Laporte, stop asking the guys who are paid to bitch about the iPhone on their blog. Real people don’t even know what Android is.

  6. @MIKE
    You are right, on the whole. If iPhone was available from all service providers, Android wouldn’t be getting the buzz that it is. There is simply a huge group of people that cannot or will not use ATT. That leaves the door open for all these so-called iPhone killers to get traction. And as for Androids supposed “openness”, no one but upper echelon geeks give a rat’s ass about that. Most people want a phone to be “appliance simple” and “appliance dependable”. iPhone delivers.

  7. Anyone else think it’s strange that Zune Marketplace statistics are omitted? Obviously a MAC fangirl site will brag about the Zune HD wannabe I-Touch vs. Android. The more interesting and likely uncomfortable for you MAC lemmings is the sales comparison between the innovative Zune HD and MAC’s dated mp3 players.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  8. Just got a 3rd gen 32g touch for CHRISTmas! I guess I’m a part of that 1000% increase. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  9. My parents and I went to Staples to get me a new desk. In the store, they had a display thingy intended to carry a large number of iPod models. The display was completely bare – every single iPod they had appeared to have been sold out.


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