Apple shares hit new all-time intraday, closing highs

Apple Holiday Blowout Shares of Apple Inc. today rose $2.57, or 1.23% to close at $211.61 on volume of 22,793,418 shares to set a new all-time closing high.

Apple’s previous closing high was $209.04, set on December 24, 2009. Apple’s all-time high (intraday) stands at $213.95, set during trading today. Apple’s 52-week low was $78.20, set on January 20, 2009.

At market close, Apple’s market value stands at $191.58 billion.

For reference, some selected current market values:
• Microsoft (MSFT) – $276.76B
• Google (GOOG) – $197.82B
Apple (AAPL) – $191.58B
• IBM (IBM) – $173.80B
• Cisco (CSCO) – $138.52B
• Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) – $124.73B
• Intel (INTC) – $112.10B
• Disney (DIS) – $59.51B
• Nokia (NOK) – $47.56B
• Amazon (AMZN) – $60.32B
• Research In Motion (RIMM) – $38.05B
• Sony (SNE) – $29.71B
• Dell (DELL) – $28.57B
• Yahoo! (YHOO) – $23.65B
• Adobe (ADBE) – $19.48B
• Motorola (MOT) – $18.12B
• Palm (PALM) – $1.77B
• RealNetworks (RNWK) – $505.63M

AAPL quote via NASDAQ here.


  1. …and the harder they will fall. Buh-bye MAC.

    If I were one of you MAC sheep I’d be concerned by the combination of the present economic crisis and the stiff competition from Zune HD, Surface and Windows Mobile 7. MAC, it’s not too late to save yourself and open licensing discussions with Microsoft.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. @ZuneCrap

    What a moron he is, look at himself. what does he have in favor others doesn’t? Wincrap 7? losers. Zunecrap? losers and omg another big thing from Apple that will crush the crap out of Microcrap. And what’s more is that in the long term, Microcrap will face the wrath of Apple. And don’t forget the long term. Microcrap is doomed in Apple’s hands. I’ll let time tell the future. And the future starts now with Mac OS X.

    JUST TOO SAD YOU PC MORONS. Just too sad.

    Life is Simple, Get a Mac

  3. Atoni – ZuneTang has been posting these PC barbs for a few years. Hint: it’s strange satire. Laugh and leave it alone. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. @ Mac n’ Cheese

    > Time to dust off the Laura Goldman quote…

    Not really. It was amusing to make fun of her advice to sell and all, but when Apple hit that 52-week low of “$78.20, set on January 20, 2009,” it was significantly below the AAPL price when she advised the sell. Those who did sell when Laura Goldman so advised would have been ticked off that they missed the previous run up to $200, but they would have also missed the drop to under $80. The drop was mainly due to the financial crisis and not anything she mentioned, but a sell off is a sell off… she was technically correct, just very early with the call.

    So lets just leave that quote alone and hope there is no steep sell-off of the general market this year.

  5. Apple is doing OK… but Amazon share prices are cleaning Apple’s clock. No matter how good Apple is doing, Amazon is doing it better. Investors and analysts think that 2 million Kindles sold are more important than 12 million iPhones sold. Amazon shares have nearly tripled this year and may even quadruple in a few months. Steve Jobs is going to have pull a miracle out of his pants this time around if he wants to hold on to his CEO of the Decade crown.

    Who would have thought a gray-scale eReader would beat out an iPhone GS in sales importance. We’ll see in a few months time if the Apple tablet is able to take the Kindle crown away. Truthfully, I’ve only seen one Kindle being used but they really must be amazing gadgets to give Amazon such a big boost.

  6. Why do people in the PC or Microsoft camp [and even worse, some Mac users] spell “Mac” as “MAC”? It is not an acronym. Also, when Mac users speak, they do not yell “MAC”.

    The same goes for “iPod Touch” or “iTouch”. It’s neither of these, it’s “iPod touch”.

    Finally, “OS X” is not “OS Eks”… it’s pronounced “OS Ten”. X is a roman numeral for the number 10.

    I have been working for the same employer for many years and still he cannot spell my first name correctly (it’s a common name too, but it’s spelled in the Scadinavian way, not the American way).

    So you will excuse me if I’m a little miffed at how people spell things. A little attention to detail goes a long way and shows your character as one who cares about the little things, not just the big things. Remember, most Mac users are also existing or former PC users.

  7. @kenw

    No I don’t think it’s unwarranted to dust off the Goldman quote because the drop in AAPL had everything to do with the broader economic crisis at the time, and less to do with Apple’s fundamentals. I don’t think she predicted the economic meltdown that started in September and she certainly didn’t cite that as a reason AAPL was going to fall.

    The criticism of her quote is well justified IMHO.

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