RUMOR: Apple 7-inch ‘tablet’ 100% certain, expect january anouncement

Apple Holiday Blowout “One of our very connected sources let us know that they’ve heard very solid information about Apple’s upcoming tablet,” The Boy Genius Report reports.

“It has been widely reported recently that the size of the tablet is 10″, but there was also talk about a 7″ model,” TBGR reports.

“Our connect said there is 100% a 7″ Apple tablet, to be announced in January, and whether this is in addition to a 10″ model, they don’t know,” TBGR reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. The guy is so connected that he knows definitively that there is a 7″ screen, yet he is not sure if a 10″ exists?

    The noise from my BS detector is starting to hurt my ears.

    Does this guy specialize in 7″ screen form factors?

  2. Geez, I have said I would not buy an iTablet. Now, I am already wanting to buy it before seeing the first real spec on one. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. @ExoticGuy: According to Wikipedia, “A Format” paperbacks are 110 mm x 178mm (4.33″ x 7.01″)in size, “B Format” paperbacks are 130 mm x 198mm (5.12″ x 7.8″), while “C Format” (trade paperbacks) are 135 mm x 216mm (5.32″ x 8.51″). And Kindle dimensions are 7 1/2” x 5” by .7”.

    So a 7″ tablet would be just slightly smaller than a standard paperback and approximately the size of the Kindle, both of which most people are used to reading already. And I slip paperbacks in my pocket, purse, or backpack all the time; thickness of the book is the main constraint, and that wouldn’t be a factor with an Apple tablet. (And imagine the money Apple’s 3rd party developers will make on cases, just as they do for the iPods and the iPhone –everything from fine leather to funky padded fabric.) Make it too big and it would be too unwieldy to read in crowded conditions, such as while commuting on crowded public transit.

  4. “What makes it different from a modern tablet PC? ABSOLUTE NOTHING”

    Go pickup a PC laptop and compare it to a Macbook Pro…… There you have your answer. Besides hardware “ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING

  5. @MacTony: My dad-in-law has been jealous of my iPhone for the web surfing capabilities, especially since the medical clinic has free WiFi (between him and my mom-in-law they spend a lot of time there), but the small screen has been offputting; a 7-inch screen would be just about the right size especially if there’s a seamless way to increase text size. Might have to start saving up for his Father’s Day gift…

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