Microsoft’s Bing app brings porn to Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch

New iPod touch 8GB, 32GB & 64GB“Move over adult mobile marketers, Microsoft is coming for your market share with the release of a free iPhone app for its popular, porn friendly Bing search engine,” Stephen Yagielowicz reports for

“‘We like everybody and the key thing is what platforms and experiences users want and how to meet their needs,’ Bing for Mobile product manager Justin Jed said,” Yagielowicz reports.

“According to’s MG Siegler, Bing has always been exceptionally good at finding porn, and its new iPhone app is no different,” Yagielowicz reports. “‘The porn results are nothing, if not impressive,’ Siegler said.”

Yagielowicz reports, “While Siegler notes that the app is rated for users 4+ years old, it is quite easy to gain access to hardcore porn with just a few clicks,” Yagielowicz reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now we know why Microsoft called it “Bing.”

[Attribution: TechFlash. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Sex sells. I guess Ballmer figured if google was the rock that Microsoft can not move. Then Microsoft could surely move skirts or for that matter they can pimp sex.
    It works, if you are tasteless anyway, why not go for it.

    Microsoft “WoW”, with a name of Micro and Soft! It may be all they can do is look. That may be the real reason it does porn so well. They getting Zero!

  2. How would one go about finding porn using Bing? Mark my words, some day you won’t need Bing to find porn, it will eventually make its way to the internet and will probably be everywhere.

  3. Why are we discussing this? The interwebs are FULL of porn. Type “porn” into your iPhone’s Safari search field — not even a third-party app. No rating whatsoever. You’re gonna get hits.

    This is stupid. Water is wet and search engines help you find what you’re looking for!

  4. Apple needs to come up with a solution to filter out porn from mobile safari. It would be difficult as a parent to give one of my children an iPod Touch or iPhone without any kind of safety measures. I know Safari can be completely disabled, but there must be a better solution.

  5. Ballmer just wants to make sure that every kid has as much “farm fun” as he does and did growing up, back in the olde day.

    When Ballmer was growing up in the olde day as a kid, on the farm in the country, men were men, women were far and few, and sheep, cows, chickens, pigs, horses… walked backwards.

  6. …”I know Safari can be completely disabled, but there must be a better solution.”

    While Apple works on a better solution, you can use Mobicip. It is a separate web browser with proper parental controls. Premium version even allows you to control access rights of your child’s iPhone from any web-connected computer. Just don’t forget to disable Safari…

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