Apple iPhone, iPod touch to be transformed into game console controller at CES

Apple Online Store“Parrot, best known for its headsets and other wireless audio products, will turn the iPhone into a Wii Remote-style gaming controller at the upcoming Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES),” Tony Smith reports for Register Hardware.

“The system appears to centre on an application that takes feedback from the iPhone’s accelerometers and sends it to a gaming rig connected to the handset over a standard Wi-Fi wireless network,” Smith reports.

Read more in the brief article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. My wife obliterated a friend in the face with a Wiimote last night. Tryin’ a Happy Gilmore on the 3rd Resort Golf Course while buddy bent over to grab a drink.

    If that had been an iPhone, he’d have been picking glass shards out of his temple.

  2. HughB,

    About a week after the App store launched, I was playing Bowling and Golf games on my iPod touch that were basically ripoffs of the Nintendo Offerings.

    The fact that this ‘system’ would feed the result to another display rather than show it on the iPhone itself, is not amazing.

    This title somewhat implies that APPLE is going to turn the iPhone into the controller for the AppleTV,etc. a wet dream of many a fanboy, but its not like that at all..

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