RUMOR: Google working on branded Chrome OS netbook PC

Holiday Apple Blowout - Part III“As reports continue to state Google will sell a custom built phone very soon, a new rumor suggests the search company will also release its own branded netbook PC when Chrome OS debuts in late 2010,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“If true, it would mean that Google and Apple are set to compete yet again, this time in the hardware and software PC business,” Marsal reports. “The latest rumor is just more evidence of why Google CEO Eric Schmidt was forced to resign from the Apple Board of Directors in August, as the two companies face off with competing browsers, phones and, in the future, operating systems.”

Marsal reports, “According to TechCrunch, sources claim Google has talked to at least one PC maker ‘about building a netbook for Google directly.’ The talks supposedly went as far as Google making a request for proposal with ‘quite detailed technical specifications.’ Discussions about building the low-cost netbook are said to be taking place already.”

Marsal reports, “It was the announcement of Chrome OS that proved to be the final straw for Schmidt’s presence on the Apple board.”

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  1. Hm. After having Schmidt on Apple’s board, instead of a sleazy advertising company, Google now wants to make an iconic and cool line of hardware and the software to run it.

    Go ahead. It’s not that easy.

  2. All accusations of Schmidt being a slimy untrustworthy back stabbing mole and spy are now official reality.

    With these kind of ethics Google may become the new Microsoft but can any user in their right mind trust them or even consider loyalty to a company that thinks nothing of blatantly stealing information and putting it to work regardless of the personal trust that was extended to Schmidt?

    I don’t think so…Can you trust Google???- Poll

  3. I’m not down with all this grousing about Google copying Apple or E.S. being a slime back copycat.

    I don’t want to see my Apple stock damaged but Google is innovating, not copying.

    Their Chrome OS is nothing like Mac OS, it’s totally a web based thing.

    The Google phone is not a copy of iPhone and it won’t be tied exclusively to the fuktards at AT&T;.

    Google has found a way to make a bunch of empowering stuff we get to use basically for free while advertisers pick up the tab.

    Personally, I really like Google. Maybe Apple should take note and copy them?

    Peace and happy holidays fellow mac lovers

  4. Google rocks. The open source revolution is here. They will buy out soon to be ailing Apple within 3 years. Google Calendar it! Happy Holidays! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. I take my hat off to the Android/Google phone and how it puts everyone but Apple to shame with it’s abilities in such a short time, but I can run Unix with a browser and an app store with MacOS X or Ubuntu 9.10 so who wants ChromeOS even if it us free?

  6. If true, it sure sounds like Google has seen that Apple’s model is the model to emulate (software and hardware, tightly controlled).

    And if they do Chrome right, I’d give them a decent chance of grabbing some healthy share of the low-end hardware market, while putting more hurt on Microsoft.

  7. Google is simply replacing Microsoft in the consumer market by going for the lowest common denominator of customers who want something for nothing, according to the Dell model. The strategy has changed slightly because big business computer sales probably will not subsidize software development as it did at Microsoft, but advertising sales will. By not chaining their software to rigid business-sale requirements, Google is also able to raise the overall quality level of the lowest common denominator.

    As long as Apple is able to innovate in ways that people who want quality and are willing to pay for it appreciate, Google is not much of a threat.

    There is a well-written article by Daniel Eran Dilger on today that discusses this issue in detail.

  8. I recently had to evaluate some Netbooks for a client who wanted to purchase 3000 for his sales trainers. They do offer some advantages but they are very slow and the small screen is often difficult to read. I advised the client that his money would be better spent on the upcoming tablet from Apple and thus they are waiting. If the Apple tablet does what Netbooks can do with a great Apple experience you can kiss Netbooks bye

  9. Google is a great company in many respects and other than Apple there is no one that even comes close to understanding what a good user experience is all about.

    I would even say that Apple and Google rule tech.

    Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt had a personal and mutually trusting relationship and Schmidt was invited to join Apple’s board by Jobs. Google worked very closely with Apple for a long time and when Schmidt was brought out on the when iPhone was announced, he quipped about calling the company that would form “when Apple and Google merged” AppleGoog…

    He was privy to first hand confidential business information in while on Apple’s board of directors that no doubt steered him to push Google into the lucrative retail world of hardware and software combined…

    I wonder how much value he puts on the personal trust Jobs had in him and how scrupulous he is in his ethics – time will tell, but upon first instinct, he’s a snake.

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