Research In Motion ships record 10.1 million BlackBerry units in latest quarter

“Research In Motion tonight reported one of the best quarters in its history from sheer expansion. The company shipped an all time high of 10.1 million BlackBerries from September through November, smashing its previous record of 8.3 million. Of those, 4.4 million were new to BlackBerry, and the tally pushed RIM’s active accounts to about 36 million,” Electronista reports.

“About 75 million BlackBerries have shipped in the company’s history,” Electronista reports.

“The company is equally aggressive in its forecast and expects to ship at least 10.6 million BlackBerries by the end of February,” Electronista reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, RIM! This news bodes well for Apple (even though Apple doesn’t run perpetual “Buy One, Get One Free” promos).


  1. And do not forget the buy one get one free deals. I bet if Apple did the same ATT would go BOOM with a big mushroom cloud and bright flash.

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  2. Quad Core
    Apple sold less, about 7 mil? . And Rimm profit up 50% so they must be doing something right. Stock up 12.3% after hours. AAPL down another $3.17 today. Maybe we should not be so cocky fellow fanboys.

  3. In my experience, the iPhone has raised awareness of smartphone and their usefullness in general. Companies have expanded the circle of who gets a smartphone through them. In corporations it is almost all BlackBerries. In my organization we’ve been offered a free Blackberry, or an iPhone that we buy and they pay for the service. 9/10 chose to buy iPhones. It’s like the pc vs mac numbers. It’d be interesting to know how many of these Blackberries were bought by consumers on their own where the iPhone is foccused on, and how many by companies where the iPhone in my estimation is just barely getting it’s toe wet in so far.

  4. They shipped out that many devices but were they “free” phones with renewal or activation? Because if so, no wonder they shipped out that many. Also consider : shipped for sale at stores or actually sold?

  5. As I read it they had 4.4 mil new customers. Does not sound like the boss is handing them out to me. I am just trying to look at it objectively without the need to belittle their improved sales.

  6. RIMM’s growth is being fueled by the consumer market, exactly the market that Apple has targeted. This isn’t bad, because the corporate market is saturated and the iPhone is making inroads there, as well as growing like a weed in the consumer space.

    It should also be noted that RIMM accomplished this by slashing prices, something that Apple hasn’t done in the past.

    I’m not overly impressed by RIMM’s guidance, it includes December which is the #1 selling month of the year. So essentially they are saying that because of December they will be able to maintain flat sales in what most other companies consider a down quarter. Had it not been for their weird fiscal year RIMM would have guided downward.

  7. Blackberry’s results do show that Apple still has some work to do to capture the business market. I consider myself a bonafide appleHomer and I was expecting that RIM would be down not only in sales but profits. It didn’t happen. But I bet Apple will have a record Christmas quarter.

  8. I’ll bet RIM has saturated their market and will not have a repeat quarter unless they continue on their present course.

    And what happens to the stock next quarter when the sales gimmicks fail to boost sales over the ten-million mark?

    This quarter is a hard act to follow. But, my hat’s off to RIM.

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