Microsoft employee fails to say ‘Bing!’ well enough for Steve Ballmer and gets fired?

YouTuber “scotty321” (Scott Rose) has posted an iPhone video entitled, “Ex-Microsoft employee remembers the last sound he heard at Microsoft: Bing!”

The short description reads, “How one Microsoft employee didn’t ‘bing’ good enough for Steve Ballmer.”

We have no idea who the “ex-employee” shown is or if this really happened or not (we’ll add to this article if and when we get more info), but the video rings true to us and sure is funny (we love the “ex-employee’s” last line).

DISCLAIMER: Warning: This video contains uncensored explicit language!

Direct link via YouTube here.

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[UPDATE: December 21, 2009, 3:33pm EDT: Rose has posted the following additional info to his YouTube video entry: At a time when Americans are scared, jobless, and homeless, we wanted to create a comedy that would resonate with how Americans are feeling. We are Scott Rose and Ernie Brandon, a screenwriting duo in Los Angeles, and we don’t have anything to give back to America except for belly laughs. This video is a teaser for our new comedy screenplay about what it means to be a little guy in the land of giants. This is our Christmas gift to the working class.]


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