EyeTV Live3G: Free web app streams live TV over 3G to your iPhone

Apple Online Store With Elgato’s new EyeTV Live3G web app, you can watch live TV and EyeTV recordings anywhere.

The web app connects your iPhone to your Mac at home. It uses state-of-the-art HTTP Live Streaming technology to deliver high quality video streams without sacrificing battery life.

The Live3G web app is available immediately at live3g.eyetv.com.

Just log in using the same “My EyeTV” username and password that you created in the EyeTV application.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. Who didn’t see this coming? EyeTV 3.0 has always been able stream television from my Mac to my Touch.

    One thing I don’t particularly like about the EyeTV App is it cannot be launched using my Touch. I have to use Rowmote to launch EyeTV before the EyeTV Touch App will work.

  2. The new thing about this web app is that it allows streaming of live TV over the 3G network. You are no longer tied to wifi. The original EyeTV iPhone app, (like others such as SlingBox and Ustream and Stickam’s apps) required a wifi connection to stream to your iPhone. But there was an “easter egg” in the first version of the EyeTV app that made it possible to stream live TV over the 3G network. It had its problems, but it did work, and it was enough to keep me from installing the newer version of the app, which removed that easter egg after the word got out that Elgato had “inadvertently” (yeah, riiiight! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> ) left it in on the final release version.

    This new web app version, because it runs through the Safari browser, allows the streaming of live TV over the 3G network, where AT&T;’s restrictions over Apple do not apply. I already downloaded and tried it out last night. Seems to work great. Not quite as high res as when streaming to the original app over wifi, but still quite watchable, and as with all web apps on the iPhone, you can add a direct icon for the app to the home screen so you don’t even have to open up the Safari app first.

  3. Q: Do you have to BUY an Eye TV product for desktop first — before you are able to use this FREE iPhone app?

    I’m confused, since I went to the site and it asked for my email and password — but nowhere did it say to “Create new account” or such. Anyone?

  4. @dogadoga

    Yes, you need to own a recent Elgato device and have it running a recent version of their software to be able to stream. That’s how I’ve been watching TV on my Mac for over a year, now. Then, when the EyeTV iPhone app came out, it cost $5, and you have to make sure you have a fast enough Mac (dual 2-core Intel or better, I think), and spend a few minutes going through a registration and setup. But it worked for me right away, and so does this new web app version.

  5. @spudly

    Fine, bring it on… the marketplace demands unlimited data access. That’s where all this is heading. If AT&T;clamps down, someone else will come in to fill the void. AT&T;being restrictive will only put more pressure on Apple to release their devices to the competition, because that’s what their customers will demand. For example, an Apple tablet isn’t going to be successful if it is handcuffed by unrealistic, costly AT&T;data restrictions. And Apple doesn’t want to see that happen.

    These wireless companies would benefit from sooner rather than later figuring out how to provide the bandwidth that their customers want, effectively and economically. The days of the old Ma Bell phone company and monopolistic cable TV companies dictating service, terms, and unchecked pricing are quickly coming to an end. The age of the consumer marketplace dictating the terms is soon to be upon us.

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