Blackberry email outage affects North America; iPhone users unaffected

Apple Online Store “BlackBerry users in North America faced delays in receiving e-mail on their devices Thursday,” Rob Gillies reports for The Associated Press.

Gillies reports, “Research In Motion Ltd. said technicians were working on the problem… RIM didn’t immediately say how many users were affected.”

“In February 2008, an upgrade to the wireless system apparently caused a three-hour service disruption,” Gillies reports. “In April 2008, a minor software upgrade crashed the system. A smaller disruption in September 2008 also was caused by a software glitch.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “sparkplug” and “Zach M.” for the heads up.]


  1. I have both BBerry and iPhone.
    None of the BBerry outages have ever affected me. I’m still receiving e-mail via BBerry as we speak.

    However I can seldom access 3G and, unless I’m on WiFi, i might as well be in the dial-up 1980’s

  2. @Jon1

    So you live in the butt hole of America. Is your iPhone for sale?


    I have MM and I’d hardly consider it the worst out there. You think it worse than Hotmail, MSN, and Yahoo? MM has room for improvement and much of what ails MM will be cleared up as soon as Apple dumps Akamai and Limelight Networks.

  3. @Jon1 et al:

    Anecdotal evidence, isn’t. If you get what I mean. If in Butthole, AL, huge numbers of iPhone users are experiencing the exact same problem as you, then there might be an issue. But there isn’t. Is there..

    Meanwhile – anecdotally – here in New York City, my iPhone 3Gs is downright fabulous 95% of the time, with really fast connections. Hell, even on the subway at Atlantic Avenue I’ve had calls/texts.

    So if I was you Jon, I’d move.

  4. Sorry guys, I’m with Jon1. I’m getting a blackberry because it’s cheaper for better coverage and better hardware. Plus I don’t want to be trapped in with iTune$. iPhone users are just butthurt!

  5. @Sorry:

    Why are you trapped in with iTunes? Are you talking about apps or music, movies, etc.? And what’s so wrong with iTunes?

    Some areas of the country have better coverage from one carrier than another. Fact of life. My wife had a great ExpressCard mobile connect for her MacBook Pro via Alltell, and then they sold out to Verizon. It was the only signal she could get at her office at work; neither ATT nor Verizon gets a signal there. My relatives in central Wisconsin use US Cellular because it’s the best coverage for their area; ATT and Verizon are spotty. Such is life.

    Once Verizon switches to a non-CDMA network, we’ll see the iPhone on Verizon, which will be a good thing. But not before then.

  6. I’m thinking that this thread is getting spammed. If MDN would check the IP’s of the recent “butthole” residents, he would find that they are three posts from the same IP.

  7. @Sorry,
    I think you misunderstood me.
    I carry both and that is not going to change.
    I like them both for different reasons.

    BBerry doesn’t run any of the apps I use iPhone for.
    Sucks for web use.
    It won’t even tell me when I have a VM – DUMB
    But – Work requires it and it works.

    iPhone is my preference and I will continue to use it because I love it.

  8. Re: New York City iPhone data availability

    Are you guys nuts?!

    I love my iPhone, and so do the large number of other New Yorkers I know that have one, but the data connections here are often terrible! I sure hope AT&T;can improve their carrying capacity to meet the theoretical speed of their 3G network (theoretically much better than Verizon).

    Now, just for all you Verizon-hopefuls: if the iPhone comes to Verizon anytime soon, I’ll be looking forward to all the wishful-thinkers jumping over there, killing Verizon’s network and freeing up space for me on AT&T;. Don’t think that Verizon would hold up if all of a sudden they had a smartphone that people actually USE.

    Oh, for all you newbies to MDN, the weird trailing semi-colon after the name AT&T;is added by MDN’s broken comment software, not by us commenters.

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